Rampage LMG: Apex Legends’ new “devastating” weapon for Season 10 explained cover image

Rampage LMG: Apex Legends’ new “devastating” weapon for Season 10 explained


The Rampage LMG is the brand new gun for Apex Legends Season 10. A high damage low fire-rate weapon crafted by Rampart that has a charge mechanic.

Apex Legends Season 10 drops tomorrow, and with it arrives a brand new weapon, the Rampage. The Rampage is a light-machine gun (LMG) that takes heavy ammo. In terms of the lore, it is the second weapon crafted by Rampart after the Sheila Minigun.
The Rampage LMG will have a slow rate of fire but deal heavy damage. On their official patch notes post, the developers shared that the gun will excel at mid-range combat but struggle up close and personal. Mid-range shots with the new weapon will be "devastating" according to Respawn Game Designer John Ellenton.

How much damage does the Rampage LMG do?

The developers shared the exact details of the Rampage LMG weapons in a post on Twitter on July 28th. With the Spitfire being moved to being a crate in Season 10, this could be a new and interesting alternative, especially with the in-built charge mode (see below).
Rampage LMG Damage for Season 10
Head: 42 Damage
Body: 28 Damage
Arms/Legs: 20 Damage
Spitfire Damage from Season 9 (for comparison)

Head: 36 Damage
Body: 18 Damage
Arms/Legs: 14 Damage
Spray Pattern: The recoil of the Rampage LMG (middle row) is definitely managable
Spray Pattern: The recoil of the Rampage LMG (middle row) is definitely managable
To get an idea of the fire rate of the Rampage LMG you can check this weapon guide posted on Twitter. Developers Respawn Entertainment enlisted the services of YouTube creator staycation to create the video.

Charge mechanic to equip Thermite Grenades

A unique feature of the Rampage LMG is that it has a charge mechanic similar to the Sentinel. The Sentinel allows players to power-up the weapon enabling Disruptor Mode by using 2 shield cells. The Rampage will operate in a similar way, except it will use a single Thermite grenade. Once the weapon is charged and "revved up" - as the developers are calling it - the weapon will have an increased fire rate.
Apex Legends Season 10 welcomes a significant number of changes to weaponry. The much-anticipated EVA-8 nerf has been confirmed in the patch notes.
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