G2 Esports’ Tyler “Dezignful” Gardner has beaten out ImperialHal and Nafen for the title of Best Slayer in North America according to a panel of expert judges. The vote was based on individual performances during ALGS Year 1.

G2 Esports' Tyler "Dezignful" Gardner has been voted as the Best Slayer in North America for the last ALGS competitive season according to our panel of expert judges. Our panel of judges included talent, players and other community members who selected their picks from a list of nominees for the illustrious title.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a slayer is typically the initiator or aggressive player of the team. Typically playing movement Legends to enable pushes or to weave around fights. The criteria for the Slayer position includes skill level, performance in competitive and notoriety among other criteria.

G2 Esports' Tyler "Dezignful" Gardner was crowned Best Slayer in the Esports.gg Apex Legends Awards
G2 Esports' Tyler "Dezignful" Gardner was crowned Best Slayer in the Esports.gg Apex Legends Awards

Winer: Tyler “Dezignful” Gardner

Current Team: G2
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Dezignful competed in ALGS first with orgless AimAssist before being picked up by SolaFide. While with SolaFide, Dezignful placed 2nd at the ALGS Autumn and Winter Circuit Playoffs, cementing his position as a clinical slayer. Ahead of the ALGS Championship Dezignful and team-mates Resultuh and Gentrifyinq were recruited to represent Esports giants G2 Esports.

Dezignful won Best Slayer ahead of stiff competition in TSM's ImperialHal and NRG's Nafen, who were the two other finalists. The 22-year old Gibby player will be competing for G2 Esports next season in the ALGS Pro League Year 2. If you want to catch Dezignful in action, he streams 4-5 times a week on Twitch

Congratulations to G2's Dezignful and stay tuned for more winners!

We would like to congratulate Dezignful on his victory and also commend all the nominees who were included in our top 10 Slayer's based on our judges votes.

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