The Apex Awards are here! We are here to break down the finalists for North America’s Best Slayer! Come take a look at our 3 finalists.

The tallies are in! Introducing our finalists as voted by our expert judges

The Apex awards are finally here and well on their way! After deliberation from our panel of 18 judges, we have the finalists for the award for best Slayer in NA. Our panel of judges included talent, players and other community members who selected their picks from a list of nominees for the illustrious title.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a slayer is typically the initiator or aggressive player of the team. Typically playing movement Legends to enable pushes or to weave around fights. The criteria for the Slayer position includes skill level, performance in competitive and notoriety among other criteria.

The 3 Finalists for the Apex Legends Award for Best Slayer NA
The 3 Finalists for the Apex Legends Award for Best Slayer NA

The finalists

Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen

Current Team: TSM
Twitter / Twitch

TSM is another iconic and highly decorated team in Apex, and their Slayer ImperialHal has been there since the beginning. Over the course of TSM's history in Apex, they've achieved multiple back to back wins, thousands of dollars and have cemented themselves as a titan of Apex. Even TSM know how good their Apex team is.

This is in part due to 22 year old ImperialHal, who has played with the team since they made an team in Apex. The highest North American ALGS earning player has been on quite the streak this year, placing top 5 33-times out of the 47 tournaments he has participated in this year. His aggressive plays and game understanding make him one of the community's favorite players in the competitive and streaming scene.

Tyler “Dezignful” Gardner

Current Team: G2
Twitter / Twitch

Last but not least is G2 Esports' Dezignful. He joined G2 Esports earlier this year and has turned into an invaluable asset. In terms of the entire year, the 22-year old controller player has played phenomenally, having a 12 streak of top 5 finishes and high placements in the ALGS Winter Circuit. He is a major reason why G2 Esports were initially a strong contender to win the ALGS Championships this year. In terms of North American ranking, he's 11th in terms of most ALGS points earned. Throughout the various tournaments, he has earned quite the reputation as a skilled player who can compete with the best of the best. Once he gets fired up, you better pray you're not in his sights.

Nathan “Nafen” Nguyen

Current Team: NRG
Twitter / Twitch

NRG is one of the Apex community's favorite teams is NRG. The early dominance of the organization and inclusion of some of Apex's biggest streamers has made NRG a household name. In 2020 Nafen joined NRG alongside Frexs and rocker and the trio have maintained the organization's reputation going as a top flight Apex team. The 19-year old is a force to be reckoned with, and even on the Reddit post initially announcing our nominees Nafen's name was brought up constantly. On the ALGS Year 1, Nafen placed 1st in the ALGS Winter Circuit Playoffs and overall finished top 10 in North America for ALGS Points over the course of the whole season.

There you have it, the top three finalists for our most exciting category in the Apex Legends Awards. But, the fun doesn't stop there. This week, our panel of expert judges will huddle again to determine once and for all who is the best slayer in NA. Keep an eye on the Esports Twitter account for the next exciting announcement on September 8th. Stay tuned!