We reveal the 29 judges involved in our inaugural Apex Legends Awards! The judging panel is a mix of professional hosts, casters, players and community members.

We announced the Esports.gg Apex Legends Awards on September 3rd, and now we would like to reveal all the esteemed judges who cast their votes. The judges are a mix of ALGS broadcast talent from the NA and EMEA regions, professional players, community figures and media.

Judges for EMEA

The 21 judges for the EMEA Apex Legends Awards
The 21 judges for the EMEA Apex Legends Awards

Judges for North America

The 18 judges for the NA Apex Legends Awards
The 18 judges for the NA Apex Legends Awards

Our Panel of Judges

ALGS Broadcast Talent - Judges

The ALGS Broadcast talent involved in the Esports.gg Apex Legends Awards
The ALGS Broadcast talent involved in the Esports.gg Apex Legends Awards

Falloutt: A staple of any ALGS broadcast, the former Gears of War professional gamer has made Apex Legends his home and is one of the most recognizable voices in competitive Apex.

Kate Yeager: The captain of the ALGS broadcast, Kate Yeager was the lead host for both the EMEA and NA Circuits, making her the perfect judge for the Apex Legends Awards.

Dan Gaskin: A versatile commentator who brings a touch of British wit and charm to the ALGS EMEA and NA broadcasts. Dan Gaskin has been commentating the Apex pro scene for the last two years and was one of the first judges to get involved.

Blaze: Guy "Blaze" Blaze is another former Gears of War pro turned Apex Legends caster, specialising in the NA region. Blaze is unafraid to speak his mind, so he was a natural fit for our judging panel.

Onset: Onset brings the swagger to the ALGS along with his smooth voice which should be a familiar one to Apex Legends fans. Onset's knowledge of the scene is unquestionable and a great addition to our panel.

Parallax: The incredibly charismatic Stella "Parallax" Chung was a regular analyst on the ALGS Championships and outside of her work as a commentator she is the Apex news lead for IGN. A beloved personality it only made sense to have her involved in the prestigious Apex Legends Awards.

Raynday: The Lord of Apex on YouTube, Evan "Raynday" Byron Rayn, for many, is the face of Apex Legends. A renowned content creator and caster on the ALGS Circuit, when Raynday speaks... people listen.

TSquared: Tom "Tsquared" Taylor is one of Apex's greatest broadcast talents and a veteran in the esports scene. The former professional Halo gamer, he is a household name and in his own words is a "Halo Legend turned Apex Legend".

Beewhyan: A fresh face on the ALGS Circuit, Bryan M "Beewhyan" Washington brought his unique energy to the ALGS this season. Beewhyan is a brilliant voice actor and and up and coming content creator.

Players and Management - Judges

K4shera: A big name in the EMEA Apex Legends scene, Francisco "K4shera" Miguel Nogueira is the IGL for New Esports, a team that took the groupstage by storm during the ALGS Championships EMEA .

Graceful: IGL for Kungarna and one of the most highly respected captains in the region. The 27-year old Martin "Graceful" Wongphrom was recently voted the Blast Titans tournament MVP for both the Battle Royale and Arena events.

Pjeh: Martin Heggøy "Pjeh" Aamyri is the IGL for Flavor of the Month, a fan favorite both for their name and style. A Pathfinder main, Pjeh has been a competitor since the launch of Apex Legends and is a popular figure in the pro community.

Sunset: 20-year old Danila "Sunset" Soloviov, now part of ZETA DIVISION, was the highest fragging player at the ALGS Championship 2021. While competing for eventual runners-up Fire Beavers, Sunset earned the title of Apex Predator for most eliminations.

Esdesu: Elvira "esdesu" Temirova competes for 789, an orgless team that had some great showings in the first half of ALGS Year 1. Esdesu previously competed for Luminosity Gaming and her team 789 was one of the invited teams for the upcoming ALGS Pro League.

Dazoh: British-Spanish player Joshua "Dazoh" Davis was the muscle in UNDERRATED, an orgless team that lived up to their name when they placed 4th at the ALGS Championships EMEA. A great character and a great player.

Legitlolly: The man behind the now iconic 1 v 2 victory in the BLAST Titans BR finals, Jordan "Legitlolly" Matthews played for Forg Gang in the ALGS Year 1, who finished an unexpected 7th in ALGS Championships EMEA.

Nesh: Herman "Nesh" Kobrin is so old school he competed at the Apex Legends Pre-Season Invitational in the early days of competitive Apex. The 25-year old from Germany now competes for Natus Vincere,

Gnaske: Casper "Gnaske" Præstensgaard is the IGL for Aqualix, who finished an impressive 5th in the ALGS Championship 2021. The 20-yearold Dane is a consistent performer and his opinions are highly regarded.

TylerFPS: Tyler "Tyler" Wood was the unstoppable force that took New Esports to dizzy new heights during the ALGS Championship EMEA groupstage. The highly gifted controller player now plays for BearClaw Esports.

Bowswer: Rafael "bowswer" Canadas is currently a free agent but last ALGS Year 1 he was an integral part of the success of Renegades in the NA region. Bowswer placed 4th at the ALGS Championships 2021 and didn't hesitate to get involved in the Apex Legends Awards.

Sweetdreams: One of the most recognizable and outspoken professional Apex players in the scene, Chris "sweetdreams" Sexton is the IGL for NRG, the winners of the ALGS Winter Circuit Playoffs.

ZachMazer: Zach "Zach" Mazer is a streamer, content creator and the esteemed IGL for Cloud9's Apex team. 21-year old Zach was also the highest fragging player of the ALGS Championships NA, winning the Apex Predator Award for Most Eliminations.

Brynn: 19-year old Brynn "brynn" Crompton Corbet is the youngest judge for the Apex Legends Awards. Brynn placed 6th at the ALGS Championships EMEA with Endeavour, who were recently picked up to represent Chinese giants Invictus Gaming.

Community Figures and Media - Judges

Chef P: The man behind the Alliance Apex roster Pontus "Chef P" Bengtsson is both the team's manager and their chef. Chef P ensures the team captain Hakis can focus purely on the game and is incredibly well versed in the competitive scene.

Malystryx: The creator of the Apex Legends Awards and also the Director of Content at Esports.gg. Malystryx has been an avid Apex fan since launch and hopes initiatives like this will help build the Apex professional scene.

BixLe: Christopher "BixLe" Dunbar is G2's manager in NA and transitioned to Apex two years after managing in PUBG. A humble man, BixLe doesn't like to flex but he's kind of a big deal.

Singh Labs: When it comes to data and Apex Legends, Singh Labs is the one-stop shop. Singh Labs was delighted to get involved while still keen to keep their real name a mystery.

Knowagh: Esports.gg's primary Apex writer, Knowagh followed the ALGS closely and when the Apex Legends Awards project was born, he was the first to get on board to get it off the ground.

Kano: If you're wondering who keeps the Apex Liquipedia updated then look no further. Dutchman Jasper "Kano" Jacobs has been at the heart of the Apex scene since the very beginning, and it was a no brainer to invite him as a judge.

I would like to give a massive thank you to all the judges who agreed to get involved in the Apex Legends Awards. Their insights and time were greatly appreciated and have helped to create a buzz in the Apex Legends community!

Be sure to check out the nominees and follow the results of the awards here on esports.gg or over on our socials @esports on Twitter and Instagram.