The Apex Legends Awards will highlight the the best players, best IGLs and best teams in EMEA and North America for ALGS Year 1! All decided by a panel of esteemed judges!

What are the Apex Legends Awards?

The Apex Legends Awards is a new initiative we've launched to highlight the incredible talent and skill of the Apex Legend Global Series (ALGS) players and teams. Apex Legends is a phenomenal game that is enjoying a new surge in popularity, and with ALGS Year 2 on the horizon we wanted to pay tribute to the best of the best from Year 1.

We're hoping that the Apex Legends Awards will help build storylines and hype around the pro scene ahead of the start of ALGS Year 2. Perhaps even give you a new player or team to root for once the ALGS Year 2 Pro League gets underway.

The awards will be held online with the nominees, finalists and winners shared across our social media, website and YouTube. To keep up to date on the announcements be sure to follow our twitter @esports.

Who are the judges for the Apex Legends Awards?

The panel of judges for the awards is a mix of ALGS broadcast talent, community figures, professional players and team managers. We will announce the judges and the nominations for each of the award categories on Saturday September 4th. (tomorrow!)

Update: Judges have been announced!

What are the categories?

For the first Apex Legends Awards we have focused on North America and Europe, but plan to expand to other regions as we get into Year 2 of the ALGS.

We have chosen three categories:

Best Slayer

  • Award for Best Slayer NA
  • Award for Best Slayer EMEA

The first category is Best Slayer. Our panel of judges were asked to select their top players in ranking order. Slayers are normally the initiator or aggressive player on the team. They typically play movement Legends to enable pushes or weave around fights. Criteria for the Best Slayer Award revolved around skill level, performance in competition and notoriety.

Best IGL

  • Award for Best IGL NA
  • Award for Best IGL EMEA

The second award category of the Apex Legends Awards is Best IGL (in-game leader). This category is to pay homage to the skilled team leaders in the professional Apex community. The judges were asked to rank their top IGLs in their region based on shot calling, leadership skills, call outs and ability to facilitate team cohesion.

Best Team

Award for Best Team NA
Award for Best Team EMEA

The final award category was Best Team in the given region in ALGS Year 1. Our judges had to pick their top 10 teams in ranking order based on performance in competition, team composition, innovation and overall skill level.

The  Awards will highlight the greatest players and teams in EMEA and North America
The Awards will highlight the greatest players and teams in EMEA and North America Apex Legends Awards Schedule:

September 3rd - Apex Legends Awards announcement
September 4th - Nominations and Judges revealed
September 6th - Finalists announced (top 3)
September 8th - Winners revealed!

Stay tuned on for all the reveals, nominations and winners for the Apex Legends Awards. Also keep an eye on our social media @esports on Twitter and Instagram.