3 Tips to dominate the Battlegrounds Quests Meta by Zorgo cover image

3 Tips to dominate the Battlegrounds Quests Meta by Zorgo

Quests are one of Battlegrounds’ greatest mechanics, and today we bring you three tips to become a master and rule in every lobby.

Battlegrounds Quests have returned and will stay for almost two more months, so today we will bring you 3 tips to dominate the game. Zorgo presents some interesting concepts that are great for all players.

If you don’t know him, he is a Battlegrounds pro player that recently qualified for the Summer Lobby Legends event. Moreover, last year he won Thijs’ TwitchCon Battlegrounds Tavern. So we should better listen to what he has to say.

What are the Quests in BGs?

Before we start throwing tips, let’s go over what Battlegrounds Quests are. Blizzard introduced this new game mechanic on Battlegrounds Season 2 on August 30, 2022, and while they rotated out, now they are back for a limited time. Battlegrounds Quests appear to every player in the lobby on turn 4 (six Gold). Each quest has a reward paired, and there is where the power relies on. 

Battlegrounds Quest Rewards can be game-ending, and that is why today we are bringing you a guide with important tips to win more games. Others, might not be as powerful, but can give you a direction to save a bad start or unlucky Hero pick. Let's start.

Battlegrounds tip #1: Which quests should I pick?

Zorgo gives this first tip regarding Battlegrounds Quests, and you should repeat it as a mantra until it sticks. Pick Quests that are easy to complete. Don’t be baited by huge rewards, those will likely come so late in the game that you will not be able to stabilize.

Tips: Battlegrounds Quest selection - Image via Blizzard
Tips: Battlegrounds Quest selection - Image via Blizzard

One thing to consider when picking your quest is how much you need to deviate from your normal game plan. Some quest progress independently of what you do, for example, the ones related to Spend Gold, Have minions die, etc.

These types of Battlegrounds Quests don’t require extra effort, and that is why this tip is that important. The less effort you need to put towards completing the quest, the better you can develop your board and set up a game-winning late game.

Battlegrounds tip #2: Prepare for Quests since Turn 1

Planning ahead is paramount in Battlegrounds, but how can someone prepare for quests on turn 1 given that they are random? Well, in a sense you can take decisions that will allow you to have a better quest set up for at least some of them. The same way in standard you play to your outs, but in BGs

Zorgo divides this tip into two categories, but both will benefit you once you get your Battlegrounds Quests.

First, buying tokens or economy minions on turn one is key in this meta. Having a Shell Collector or a Sellemental is a great start that offers great flexibility. The major impact is that you will be having one extra gold compared to your opponents. That in the early game is game-changing.

The second part of this Battlegrounds Tip focuses on how you can cover the most quests with your Turn One buy. Zorgo gives a clear example of why buying an Imprisoner over a Rockpool Hunter can make such a difference. The Imprisioner will help you progress three Quests: Triggering friendly Deathrattles, Summoning Minions, and Having Friendly Minions Die. While on turn one you don’t know which quest you might get, making choices that cover more quests will give you an edge over the rest of the lobby.

Imprisioner - Image via Blizzard
Imprisioner - Image via Blizzard
Reenact the Murder Quest - Image via Blizzard
Reenact the Murder Quest - Image via Blizzard

The same concept can be applied to Micro Mummy or even Mini-Myrmidon. Both minions can help you be prepared for two quests, which is better than nothing. Until you learn them all by heart, you can check the full Quests lists in the Hearthstone official card section.

Battlegrounds Tip #3: Holding Cards

Now we are entering a more complex terrain. This is probably the hardest Battlegrounds Quests tip to master. Here you will need to develop your scouting skills and make educated guesses. Zorgo highlights the importance of holding cards or minions in a way that you do a trade-off between damage taken and faster Quest completion. But, when is it correct to hold a minion?

Well, if you see that you will most likely tie the next combat, then, don’t be afraid of holding a card in hand on turn 3. In the same way, if you are facing a stronger opponent that you won’t be able to defeat, playing your minions will not give you much more return than saving one or two life points.

Same works if you see that your next opponent levels to Tavern 3 in Turn 3. They won’t have a board most likely, and dealing some extra damage in turn 3 doesn’t even compare with having an edge on Turn 4 when you get a Quest.

Holding cards in hand will give you more options when picking your quest. Moreover, it can give you a headstart, since you can use those cards towards progressing the Quest you picked on turn 4.

Bonus Tip: Use Data!

Engaged players know the utility the Hearthstone Deck Trackers bring to Battlegrounds. In Battlegrounds, the on top of providing stats, the Tracker can help you in the Hero selection and with picking Quests.

Hearthstone Deck Tracker Battelgrounds Quest Overlay - Only available to <a href="https://hsreplay.net/battlegrounds/tier7/" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Tier7 users</a>
Hearthstone Deck Tracker Battelgrounds Quest Overlay - Only available to Tier7 users

While these are overall stats and skillful players can put their criteria to overrule them, they are a magnificent guideline for those who haven't sunk hours and hours into the meta yet.

Why is so important to finish your quest early?

We have already gone over the tips to complete your Battlegrounds Quests in turbo mode. But why is this so important? Mastering the early game and leaning toward quest completion will let you farm your rewards before the rest of the lobby does, giving you a huge advantage.

This initial advantage can translate into stronger boards, threatening opponents with eliminating them before they assemble their end-game compositions. Also, having a tempo advantage thanks to your quest can allow you to powerlevel and look for the scaling minions you need to be unbeatable later.

What is important to always have in mind is that these Battlegrounds Quests tips are a guideline that should serve as a reminder that you shouldn't autopilot. That is how you can get an edge over the Lobby.

Furthermore, these tips are not truths carved in stone, you should have an open mind and evaluate the opportunities that present to you along the way.

“Don’t force something, lean toward it, make yourself more flexible, and at the same time take advantage of opportunities.”

Zorgo's main tip regarding Battlegrounds Quests.

If you want to go deeper into these concepts, make sure you check out Zorgo’s video in which he explains why these tips are key in the Battlegrounds Quests meta. The video is from when Quest launched originally, but all the tips still apply. Moreover, give him a follow on Twitch not to lose his valuable content.

This is all for now, but stay tuned to esports.gg for more Battlegrounds news and guides. See you next time in the Tavern.