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100 Tips for Hearthstone Battlegrounds by CarryPotter

Every Hearthstone mode is deceptively simple and insanely fun, but hard to master. That’s why today we bring 100 tips for Battlegrounds.

As you read it, in this article you will find 100 tips for Hearthstone Battlegrounds. CarryPotter, a Spanish Battlegrounds player and streamer made this massive list as part of his amazing content.

Some are basic tips, others more specific and some just memes. Check them out and see how many of these Hearthstone Battlegrounds tips you knew. To make them more digestible, we have separated them into different categories.

Battlegrounds Basic Tips

Let's start with some slow balls. If you are an intermediate Battlegrounds player, you should know most of these tips. But don't fool yourself, things will start getting harder.

  • The player with the most minions will start attacking in battle. If both have the same amount, it's random.
  • Cleave minions are those who also damage the minions next to whomever they attack.
  • When the turn starts, scout your next opponent to optimize what you are buying.
  • If your opponent is playing Mechs, it could help to place a small minion up front, as a bumper, to take down a possible Divine Shield.
  • If possible, try to have a Taunt minion and place it on the side to play around opposing minions with cleave.
  • Whenever you have a big Taunt minion, try to place a secondary smaller Taunt to protect it from Leeroys and Venomous minions.
  • Heroes that grant stats are usually the easier ones to learn how to play.
  • Time is a resource. Avoid finishing your turn in 10 seconds and always roping.
  • Economy minions will help you curve out without floating any Gold in the first Turns.
  • Freezing is equal to losing 1 Gold. Only Freeze for the 2-3 minions you are more interested in the game.
  • When selling a Golden Sellemental you get two Water Droplets. So, with 3 Sellementals and 1 Water Droplet, you get two Triples.
  • In Monstrous Macaw combos you need to be careful not to add Deathrattles that could jeopardize your combo.

Intermediate Battlegrounds Tips 

Enough warm-up, let's move on to some more conceptual Battlegrounds tips every player should know if they want to rank up.

  • Don't decide your game plan until Turn 6-7 when you find a win condition.
  • The best way to get a win condition is by tripling to discover a Tavern 5 minion on Turn 6, and again on Turn 8 to discover a Tavern 6 minion.
  • Correct placement can make you win many combats.
  • Try to Roll as little as possible in the first 6 Turns.
  • At high Ratings, the best Heroes are usually those who give you an economic advantage. 
  • There are 3 economy minions in Tier 1: Sellemental, Shell Collector and Southsea Busker.
  • The same Hero can over or under-perform depending on the Minion types available in the game. Value synergies.
  • Mantid Queen and Leeroy the Reckless are great minions to close games, but not so good when discovering them with your early triples.
  • With Brann Bronzebeard any minion that Discovers another one as a Battlecry is free.
  • Not every minion is worth tripling.
  • If you are below 7 Health, always buy Leeching Felhound, it's 1 free Gold.

Composition Tips

Now that we've gone over some concepts and tips we are going to cover some specific Battlegrounds content. Compositions or Warbands are your game strategy on the board. Here are some bullet points you should know.

  • The best tempo comps are Beasts, Undeads and Mechs.
  • Scam comps try to win by killing minions in 1vs1 combat regardless of their stats.
  • APM (actions per minute) compositions are those in which your speed is the determining factor.
  • The main APM minion types are Elementals and Pirates.
  • Scam or venomous compositions are bad against compositions that summon several minions such as Undead, Mechs or Beasts.
  • Summon comps usually fall short versus stat-based comps.
  • Stats-based minion-types like Pirates or Elementals, are worse in games with Murlocs.
  • Menagerie comps don't need 5 different minion types. Having 3 or 4 and adding scam units is the best.
  • If you get Nomi, Kitchen Nightmare from an early triple and you don't want to take risks, you can stay on Tavern 4. That comp can win from there.

Battlegrounds Heroes-specifc Tips

If you are acing this Battlegrounds tips list you are probably a worthy opponent in Bob's Tavern. But with nearly a hundred Heroes to play, do you know all the specifics? Below there are some tips that are specific to some Battlegrounds Heroes that will help you make a difference when playing with them.

  • Dinotamer Brann is very good in games with many minions with Battlecries on Tavern 1 and underperforms in games with Mechs, Beasts or Undeads.
  • When playing Millhouse, always buy Refreshing Anomaly.
  • Heroes such as Greybough, Deathwing, C'Thun or Dancin' Deryl aren't good for first places, but playing tempo-oriented games with them will secure an easy Top 4 placement.
  • With Mr. Bigglesworth your goal is to survive. Risk as little as possible and play tempo comps.
  • When playing A. F. Kay, freezing an economy minion allows you to perform two actions on Turn 3 (5 Gold).
  • With Trade Prince Gallywix, economy minions such as Sellemental will cost you 3 Gold but give you back 4 Gold the next turn.
  • The best games for economy Heroes (Trade Prince Gallywix or Millhouse Manastorm) are those with Pirates and Elementals.
  • You should only use Captain Eudora's Hero Power five times until your first Discover. It's not worth spending more Gold on it after that.
  • You can only get one Ice Block per game from Akazamzarak's Hero Power.

Battlegrounds Curve Tips

By now you should know what a Battleground curve is, and maybe these tips sound familiar to you. Just in case, the Curve is your leveling pattern in the game. There are different strategies and sometimes Heroes favor a specific game style. Here we have prepared a summary of curve tips, but if you want to go deep the rabbit hole and master the field, there's a complete Battlegrounds Curve Guide you can check out here.

  • If on Turn 3 after playing the Classic Curve your shop isn't good, it's better to Level-up again than to buy bad minions. That's the 3 on 3 Curve.
  • In this Quest meta, the Classic Curve is the best for most Heroes.
  • The Heroes with a 1 Gold Hero Power that has value on its own, usually play the Rafaam curve.
  • The Rafaam curve consists of upgrading the Tavern for the first time on Turn 4 (6 Gold), buying a minion and using the Hero Power. Then, also leveling up the follow turns with a Hero Power on top.
  • Some Heroes that play the Rafaam curve are Maiev Shadowsong, Captain Eudora and, obviously, Arch-Villain Rafaam.
  • In Battlegrounds jargon, if your opponent throws the Thumbs Up emote at you, they are probably suggesting that you both level up your Tavern this turn.

Interactions and fine-tunning

So, you know the basics, you know the composition's strengths and weaknesses and how to manage to get to the end-game, now it's time for some Battlegrounds fine-tuning tips. Knowing specific interactions can mean the difference between a Top 4 or a win, so let's go over how the game works in edge-case scenarios.

  • You can't die outside of combat if you have a Soul Rewinder on board.
  • Spellcrafts don't burn. If you have a full hand, you will get them whenever you make hand space.
  • Vol'jin and Mutanus the Devourer can turn temporary stats buffs into permanent with their Hero Power.
  • If you are playing Vol'jin and you have a minion with many Blood Gems you can swap those stats with another minion and then also steal those Blood Gems with Necrolyte for a double-dip.
  • The Boogie Monster's text increases from 1 to 6 and stays on 6 permanently. However, if you make it Golden, it will reset to 1.
  • Now Kalecgos activates twice with Brann and also synergies with Battlecry activations from Hero Powers such as Shudderwok.
  • Upbeat Upstart can duplicate its health every 2 Turns and become a huge Taunt.
  • The Mama Bear effect triggers before the Banana Slamma one.
  • A Golden Banana Slamma will triple the stats of summoned minions. Two regular Banana Slammas will quadruple the stats of summoned minions.
  • Tunnel Blaster is one of the best tech minions in the game. Consider buying it when entering the late game.
  • Tunnel Blaster is especially good against Divine Shield comps (Mechs, Scam, George the Fallen, etc.)

Battlegrounds facts and mechanics

Let's go outside Bob's Tavern to take a distance and see some things from a different angle. While the most important Battlegrounds tips are about the gameplay, it's also good to know some facts surrounding it and some game mechanics related to match making and ratings.

  • Hearthstone launched Battlegrounds on 11/1/2019.
  • You can hold up to 10 cards in hand. Be careful not to burn cards with multiple Discovers, Blood Gems or similar interactions.
  • Battlegrounds has three expansions per year, each lasting 4 months with shakeups in between.
  • Dual-type minions are available in games in which at least one of their types is present.
  • There's a limited amount of copies of each minion.
  • There are 15 copies of Tavern 1, 2 and 3 minions; 11 of Tavern 4 minions; 9 of Tavern 5 minions; and 7 of Tavern 6 minions.
  • There are ways to get additional minion copies, for example, Tess Greymane's Hero Power.
  • You can now Magnetize Mechs even with a full board.
  • The Poisonous Keyword has been reworked. Now it's called Venomous, and the effect disappears after the minion deals damage.
  • A Venomous minion can lose the effect after damaging another minion and then regain Venomous thanks to Operatic Belcher.
  • Ghosts only face surviving players in the last 3 places.
  • Once you face a ghost you will need to play at least 2 battles with surviving players before facing it again.
  • If you leave fewer minions than the ones the shop should have at that Tavern Tier it will be considered a Tavern Refresh even if you had frozen the shop.
  • The max Gold you can have in Battlegrounds is 100.
  • If you reach a 6,000 Rating, you are in the top 50% of Battlegrounds players.
  • Only 1% of players are above a 10,000 Rating.
  • If you queue alongside a friend you will face a harder lobby and will gain less Rating if you win (and lose more if you don't).
  • You can't queue with friends if you are above 10,000 Rating.

If after these tips you are still thirsty for more information about how Battlegrounds Ratings and Matchmaking work, check out this detailed guide about the topic.


We are now entering the category that includes everything, much like an amalgam of Battlegrounds tips, facts and other info.

  • Some fun to play Heroes: Patches the Pirate, Trade Prince Gallywix, Millhouse Manastorm, Murloc Holmes, Sire Denathrius, Tickatus or Master Nguyen.
  • Some boring Heroes: Patchwerk,Vanndar Stormpike, Drek'Thar, The Lich King, Sylvanas Windrunner, Tamsin Roame or Cariel Roame.
  • You can check your Battlegrounds stats, including first places, Top 4s and games played with any Hero on the Achievement Menu, in Game Modes, Battlegrounds.
  • To select from 4 Heroes you need to purchase the Battlegrounds Tavern pass that lasts for 1 Season (approx. 4 months) and costs $15.
  • Since 2022 Battlegrounds has an official esports circuit called Lobby Legends, with a series of $50,000 tournaments.
  • You can play Battlegrounds on any server, but the further they are the more lag you will suffer.
  • Until now Battlegrounds has seen three different special events: Quests, Buddies and Darkmoon Prizes.

Top Secret Battlegrounds Tips

These are undocumented secrets that every pro player knows but is scared to share since they end up being banned by Blizzard. Here we don't fear, so we will share these final Battlegrounds tips just for you to know even the darkest secrets the game has.

  • If you play a cleave minion, your opponent's minions placed at the sides get "invisible Taunt."
  • If the odds of you dying are 5% or less, just assume you are dead.
  • There's no need to taunt an Avenge Minion, they low-key always have it.

Just in case you didn't get the sarcasm, those are just memes the community always jokes about. But many players would agree that they are 100% true.

How many of these tips and facts did you know? If you learn anything new, make sure to drop CarryPotter a follow on social media, he is a great Battlegrounds content creator and the author of these tips.

This is all for now, but stay tuned to esports.gg for more Battlegrounds news and guides. See you next time in the Tavern.