RDU challenges rival Silvername to a boxing match: Hearthstone esports spin-off? cover image

RDU challenges rival Silvername to a boxing match: Hearthstone esports spin-off?

Hearthstone Esports threw the towel, but players want to keep fighting. How fun could a Hearthstone boxing event could be?

After receiving a punch in the gut with the Hearthstone esports announcement, RDU wants to take the rivalry with Silvername to another level and has challenged the Russian streamer to a boxing match. Will this settle the scores once and for all?

RDU's history with Silvername

The RDU/Silvername beef has some history behind it, and it's not just trash talk from their Hearthstone esports encounters. While they competed against each other in constructed Hearthstone esports, including the Grandmasters era, things got spicy with Battlegrounds.

RDU and Silvername often faced each other on high-ELO Battlegrounds lobbies, but now the stakes were higher with money and more prestige in the line. During that time, Hearthstone esports banned Silvername supposedly for collusion against RDU, among other things.

Silvername's community blamed RDU for the ban. RDU reported that Silvername and his community harassed him repeatedly on his live streams on Twitch and also on Twitter.

While these are serious accusations, RDU decided to somehow downscale the tensions. Jumping into the trend of content-creator-boxing, RDU challenged Silvername to a real-life boxing match to settle Hearthstone disputes.

Boxing: the new content creators' trend

The contrast between gaming and boxing is so incredible that mixing both worlds ends up creating an interesting show. Last December, Ludwig's Chess-Boxing Championship broke the all-time viewership record for his channel.

Moreover, the current Twitch all-time-high viewership record belongs to Ibai's streamer boxing event on June 2022, with a peak concurrent viewership of 3.3 million. Don't be surprised if a boxing duel between RDU and Silvername spin-off easily knocked out any Hearthstone Esports tournament viewership wise.

Talking about knock-outs, we think RDU should be cautious when taunting Silvername into boxing. While the Romanian streamer might have good stamina, he is definitely in a different weight category than Silvername, boxing-wise.

Who could thrive in Hearthstone boxing?

So, besides this RDU-Silvername challenge, which players do you envision dominating the Hearthstone boxing scene? Our first candidate would be Brian "Brian Kibler" Kibler. Famous for his workout streams, Kibler would be a tough opponent for any in his category.

Kibler gym stream - Image via <a href="https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1710153722?filter=archives&amp;sort=time" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">bmkibler</a>
Kibler gym stream - Image via bmkibler

While we could be biased, we also think Nalguidan would be another formidable candidate for the belt. He is probably one of the tallest Hearthstone players around, and reach gives a considerable advantage in boxing.

Some other potential boxing contestants like JAlexander or even Frodan could fight in a lighter category. What other potential boxers do we have in the community? Place your bets!

Now that Hearthstone esports has potentially fallen, it's time for players to explore new options, and boxing has proven to drive fans crazy. So, lets get ready to rumble!

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