The Encroaching Epidemic is yet another Skull and Bones contract from William Blackwood, as you take the fight to the Fleet of Pestilence.

Another cycle of La Peste's terror has passed. Now, he and his Fleet of Pestilence torment the East Indies region. That has William Blackwood offer up The Encroaching Epidemic as a short quest for you to complete in Skull and Bones.

We'll walk you through how to accept and complete it, on your way to vanquishing Philippe La Peste and his forces for good.

Where to accept The Encroaching Epidemic contract

William Blackwood is the representative of a mysterious stranger from the Americas. He posts up at both of the pirate dens in Skull and Bones. Approach him right off the dock of Sainte-Anne or near the mailbox in Telok Penjarah.

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In Sainte-Anne, where you first met him, he is much more out in the open. His appearance in Telok Penjarah, however, sees him wear a mask as he settles down in a small cubby-like area. Talk to him to accept The Encroaching Epidemic in Skull and Bones.

How to complete the Skull and Bones contract The Encroaching Epidemic

After you have accepted the contract, you can see what it requires of you. You need to sink Philippe La Peste and his warship La Potence. You've probably already done this a handful of times, but this one grants you more rewards tied to Blackwood's request.

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Here's the best way to go about taking down the Plague King:

  1. Wait for La Peste in the Tides of Terror World Event to appear on the map
  2. Ensure you have the La Potence Schematics I furniture acquired in the Smuggler Pass placed on your ship
    • This reveals the weakpoints of Fleet of Pestilence ships, including La Peste's
  3. Sail to him and call for help so you don't have to face him alone
  4. Fire upon the weakpoints from up close or from afar to avoid his plague bombardments
  5. Chip away at La Potence and fire your muskets every chance you get
  6. Once sunk, you'll have the La Potence Flag quest item to give to William Blackwood and complete the quest
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After you've done The Encroaching Epidemic, you will earn points towards Smuggler's Marks, which can be used to redeem items in the Smuggler Pass. It is one of the 30-day challenges, alongside several others that dish out a large number of points.


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Not only do you get the loot from La Peste himself, you get a bit extra from William Blackwood for completing The Encroaching Epidemic in Skull Bones.

You can select the More option before accepting the quest to see that you'll earn 250 Silver and a Ship Cosmetic known as Anpaka's Tears. After completion, you'll learn that the cosmetic is a Figurehead item that can be placed on the front of your ship.

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