The Fish Token is required to progress on the Crownfall Act I Main Quest map.

The Crownfall event has got us all in a token frenzy. Players are scurrying to collect tokens to progress on the map and collect as much rewards as they can get. But on your Crownfall mission, you may have stumbled across a path that requires a "Fish Token." But where and how can you obtain this unique piece?

How to get the Fish Token in the Crownfall event

You will unlock the Fish Token once you score over 1,000 in the fishing game.

Along the path of Crownfall's Main Quest, you will unlock the fishing game which represents a fish hook symbol on the map. This is a mini-game that allows you five rounds of fishing. The rarer the fish you catch, the more points you will get.

You can get plenty of token rewards from the fishing game. With a minimum score of 1,000, you can already obtain the Fish Token! Remember to finish all five rounds of fishing and complete all of Tidehunter (Leviathan)'s dialogues. Once you close the mini-game, you'll be rewarded the Fish Token plus a selection of random tokens depending on your total score.

  • 1,000 = Fish Token
  • 4,000 = Two random tokens
  • 7,000 = Three random tokens
  • 10,000 = Five random tokens

In case you need it, here's a more in-depth guide to the fishing game.

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