Here’s how you can get the four-styled Invoker Wyrdwing Exaltation set via the Crownfall event!

The newly-launched Crownfall offers a myriad of rewards including the popular Arcanas, Treasures, and even a new set of chatwheels. But among them all, there's one Mythical set perfect for a devoted Invoker player or just a funny hat collector. Take a look at the Invoker's Wyrdwing Exaltation set and how you can get it!

A look at the Invoker "Wyrdwing Exaltation" set

The Crownfall event released an ambient set for Invoker. This set styles Invoker in a long, messy ponytail and his abdomen is now visible. But the most striking part of the set is his new pair of monstrous wings. The feathery wings are colored in a glowy purple by default but the set also comes in three other styles that have the wings in different colors! Take a look below!

  • Style 1
  • Style 2
  • Style 3
  • Style 4

How to get the Invoker set via the Crownfall event

Crownfall brings forth a ton of hero sets and cosmetics. But out of all the sets, this Invoker one is particularly special because it is a reward that you can only get if you play the Crownfall event until the very end.

To get the Invoker "Wyrdwing Exaltation" set, you must complete the Main Quest on the Overworld Map of Act I (The Markets of Midgate). Finish the quests from "Start" to "Finish" and by the end, you'll earn yourself a set of rewards. You'll obtain the Invoker set, a "Crownfall Act I Completionist" medal, and three sets of decoration that you can put on your player profile.

Note that you don't have to complete the Side Quests which are marked in a purple line. This makes obtaining the Invoker set alongside the other rewards completely free!

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