Struggling with the Travelers Luggage Key in MW2’s DMZ mode? Here’s how to get it.

New Call of Duty mode DMZ has added a lot of new features and objectives to the game. One of these objectives in the new Modern Warfare II (MW2) mode involves the Travelers Luggage Key.

One mission called Dead Drop awards players with this key, but how exactly do you get it? Where do you use it? We’ve got you covered.

How to get the Travelers Luggage Key

In order to get your hands on the Travelers Luggage Key, you will need to complete a whole host of missions. Firstly, before even being able to attempt the mission that will reward you with the key, you need to make sure that you are in Tier 3 of Legion missions inside DMZ.

The Drop Dead mission is completable in DMZ
The Drop Dead mission is completable in DMZ. Image via Activision Publishing, Inc.

Getting to that point will mean completing all of Tier 1 and Tier 2 missions for the Legion faction. You need to unlock the Tier 3 of the Legion missions in order to gain access to the Drop Dead mission.

How to complete Drop Dead

The Drop Dead mission is a pretty easy one in DMZ, but it can take some time to complete. There are only two steps to completing it, but the fact that 20 pieces of equipment are needed makes it a bit of a slog.

The steps in full:

  • Travel to Al-Mazrah city.
  • Deliver 20 pieces of lethal equipment to the Sarwana Hotel alley Dead Drop dumpster.

The dumpster is located in the alley to the north of the Al-Mazrah City Post Office. This Post Office is located across the road from the Highrise POI. Any lethal equipment counts towards the completion of the mission.

The Post Office building
The Post Office building. Image via Activision Publishing, Inc.

Any of the following will contribute to the 20 lethal equipment needed to complete the mission. You will need to deposit them in the dumpster for it to count.

  • Semtex
  • Thermite
  • Drill Charge
  • C4
  • Throwing Knife
  • Frag
  • Molotov
  • Proximity Mine
  • Claymore

This is the only guaranteed way to secure yourself a Travelers Luggage Key in DMZ, but it is not the sole way of acquiring one.

The key can also be obtained by random chance after completing other missions. Completing the HVT Contract also has a chance at dropping a Travelers Luggage Key in DMZ.

That contract marks a area on your map much like the Bounty Contract in Warzone. Defeating that enemy, which will be an AI enemy, may reward you with the key.

Where to use the Travelers Luggage Key

After securing the key, make sure to keep it nice and tight. Take it over to the Al Malik Airport where the Travelers Luggage duffel bag can be found.

The Traveler's Luggage Bag requires a key to open
The luggage bag requires a key to open. Image via Activision Publishing, Inc.

The bag is located on the second floor waiting room of the main building in the airport. It’s adjacent to the location in the Airport, also known as Terminal from Modern Warfare 2.

The exact location of the duffel bag that needs a key to be unlocked
The exact location of the duffel bag that needs a key to be unlocked. Image via Activision Publishing, Inc.

What rewards does using the key have?

The rewards that you can get for using the Travelers Luggage Key will vary from time to time. Each time you load into DMZ, you can use the key again.

It will include at least two rare items. Those items can vary from a rare comic book to an aged wine. These items will always have a higher value attached to them, making them worth the effort to go out and obtain.

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