CoD Warzone cheats users beware: You’re gonna go splat… Literally

Cod Warzone cheats and cheaters beware: You’re going to hit the ground at a rapid pace if you’re caught by the game’s new anti-cheat system.

Will Jagielski-Harrison

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CDL 2024 schedule confirms dates of all four Majors

The CDL 2024 schedule has been released, with four Majors hosted by some of the league’s most popular teams.

Brandon Moore

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Call of Duty MW3 beta patch notes

Highrise leads the list of new things coming to the Call of Duty for week 2 of the MW3 Beta.

James Bassett

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How to get the Call of Duty MW3 Beta

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is around the corner and with a new game release comes a new beta. Here’s how to get in the MW3 beta:

Ant Stonelake

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MW3 Ranked Mode coming mid-Season One but not at launch

MW3 Ranked Play Mode will arrive mid-Season One according to Sledgehammer’s Greg Reisdorf. Developer Treyarch will be behind it.

Lawrence "Malystryx" Phillips

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Alucard from Hellsing enters Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

“Search and destroy!”

Amy Chen

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Nadeshot responds to Crimsix’s OpTic Dynasty comments: “He made up a bullsh** story”

“I have no desire to talk to him right now.”

Matthew "MJP" Pryor

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Carolina Royal Ravens rebrand officially announced

London will not be calling the CDL anymore as the Carolina Royal Ravens take flight for the 2024 season.

James Bassett

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