Call of Duty players have been whispering about the possibility of a tactical nuke for a while… Now it’s confirmed.

Rumor has it that there’s a tactical nuke hidden within the Call of Duty: Warzone 2 map.

Insiders first revealed that there’s a tactical nuclear weapon hidden within the battle royale. It was later confirmed by some Warzone employees. This was met with shock at first since the mode doesn’t have instant respawns. Why would there be a tactical nuke that can wipe out other opponents so easily when nobody can return?

According to leaks and insiders, however, the tactical nuke won’t be in every match. In fact, it’s confirmed to be very hard to pull off. Players will need to accept the “Champion’s Contract” when it appears and then proceed to collect every piece of the weapon to build it and detonate it.

To make it even more challenging, the team will be marked on the map once they start collecting the pieces of the nuclear weapon. Other squads will be able to steal the pieces as well. On top of that, whoever holds the pieces will experience a negative effect during the entire time it’s with them.

If you manage to do all that, the tactical nuke won’t be able to be set off until it’s near the end of the match.

In other words, it’s a lot of work and it’s not always worth it. Of course, setting off a nuclear bomb is quite the accomplishment and will feel satisfying no matter the circumstances. Want to give it a shot? Here’s how:

  1. Get a 5-game win streak in Warzone 2
  2. Find and start the Champion’s Quest contract in a game
  3. Collect the three nuclear elements marked on the map
  4. Wait for the bomb site to appear
  5. Deposit the collected pieces and arm the bomb
  6. Defend the Warzone 2 nuke for two minutes

The Champion’s Quest will be activated when you get a five-game win streak in the battle royale and then start up another game. Once accepted, you will be brought to the Tac-Map where you can locate a golden Warzone logo somewhere in Al Mazrah.

After the quest is activated, you’ll see a contract tracker on your screen with four circles. The first circle will have a chemical symbol, the first of three elements you have to gather to construct the nuke. Once you find the first one, the second mark will appear on your map, and so on.

During this time, you’ll also be marked on the map to other teams with a large golden crown. At this point, you’re visible to everyone. Meanwhile, your own map is disrupted (possibly by the nuclear elements).

Once you have all three pieces, you’ll see a message that says “wait for bomb site reveal.” This will take about two minutes. You’ll eventually see a large radioactive symbol. Head there and deposit the elements, then arm the nuke. If you manage to fight off players during these additional two minutes, you’ll be able to detonate the nuke.

The tactical nuclear bomb will kill everyone on the map leading to an immediate victory.

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