Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is full of bugs. One of the most recent is leaving players instantly dead. Here is a new bug to watch out for!

A Call of Duty: Warzone 2 player has discovered a way to die almost instantly on Al Mazrah.

Al Mazrah is the new Warzone 2 map, a huge map with an abundance of buildings and water. While gamers are excited to explore all of its new locations, many have encountered bugs that can’t be ignored. One is especially concerning since it leaves players instantly dead.

In a Reddit post titled “the floor here is not made of floor,” a Warzone player shared a clip where they walk into a garage on the map and then fall through the ground. The player dies within a few seconds, unable to do anything about it.

Image via screengrab from Reddit

The bug has become a heated topic of discussion in the Warzone community. Some players are relieved that the glitch instantly kills you instead of allowing players to run around the map while invincible. Others are frustrated at developers for letting such a game-breaking bug continue.

“Skill issue. Just adapt to the changes! You’re just stuck in the past, get used to non solid floors!” one Redditor joked.

It’s no secret that Warzone 2 is full of issues. Some players haven’t even been able to invite friends due to an ongoing problem with the Social menu. There’s also the frustrating “waiting for datacenters” bug that doesn’t allow players to get into matches and other server issues. A lot of streamers and pros have been sharing their frustration on social media.

Infinity Ward has a public Trello with a list of bugs and issues they are working on.

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