Warzone 2 launched with lots of server issues.

The launch of Warzone 2 has been hampered by server issues. Regular players, streamers and pro players have all been affected.

Are Warzone 2 servers down?

People are unable to load up the Modern Warfare 2 client for a multitude of reasons. The most prominent one being the servers not allowing them into the game.

The game displays an error message and prompts players to check the Activision website for status updates. The link suggested shows everything being up and operational.

The message that most players are seeing upon trying to launch Warzone 2. Image via Activision Publishing, Inc.
The message that most players are seeing upon trying to launch Warzone 2. Image via Activision Publishing, Inc.

Top competitive Warzone streamer Louis "LouiCM" Morton was having this exact problem. He posted on Twitter about trying to get into the game for over an hour and a half.

Even refreshing the game is time consuming. It takes over a minute to attempt to log into the servers each time it disconnects you.

Battle.net limits the bandwidth of downloads when servers are busy. Toronto Ultra player Thomas "Scrappy" Ernst struggled to download the Warzone 2 update at Ultra's facility. He was left downloading the game at a fraction of a megabyte.

They have Bell Fibe at the facility. During the Toronto Ultra Major 3 tournament last season, they boasted multiple times about their excellent their 1Gb download speeds.

"This game cannot be played yet"

Multiple Call of Duty esports world champion James "Clayster" Eubanks also struggled with the launch of the update, but for a different reason.

When he tried to launch the game, it displayed an error message saying that the game was not able to be played yet. Obviously, that shouldn't be the case.

Luckily, there appears to be a fix for this problem. Closing Battle.net using Task Manager to end all processes for the application seems to do the trick.

Even current Call of Duty League champion Sam "Octane" Larew said the game "broke" following the Warzone 2 update.

Additional problems with Warzone 2

Another problem caused by introducing the new update is a broken social menu. Players cannot open the social menu or invite friends to play in the traditional way.

The launch of Warzone 2 also broke the perk package feature in Modern Warfare 2. Chris "Parasite" Duarte was having the issue, which seems to be universal.

There is no known fix for this problem as of the time of writing.

New Warzone 2 map and proximity chat

Some players have been able to get into the game and play the new map. They've been able to use new features. One of the most acclaimed additions to the game is proximity chat.

Proximity chat allows players to hear each other while they're close. It works through the game chat feature and is already proving to be a content creation mine.

Thomas "ZooMaa" Paparatto had an early interaction using it. It just goes to show that when Warzone 2 ends up working properly, the potential for it to be quality is already there.

Not the first poor launch

Overwatch 2 had lots of problems on launch as well. Overwatch 2 went live just over a month ago.

Long wait times and server queues were present at the Overwatch 2 launch, and it's pretty much the same for Warzone 2.

Overwatch 2 heroes. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.
Overwatch 2 heroes. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

It took a while for Activision to figure out a way to deal with the additional stress on their servers on the release of Overwatch 2. Call of Duty should use the lessons learned from that to make this launch more reactive to problems.

Infinity Ward appears to be looking into some of the issues. They have updated their Trello board of known issues to include some of these problems.

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