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Overwatch 2 Queue Times – How many players to expect ahead of you in OW2’s massive queue cover image

Overwatch 2 Queue Times – How many players to expect ahead of you in OW2’s massive queue


Overwatch 2 has launched to expected hype, and even more expected queue times. Just how long can you expect to spend in these queues?

Overwatch 2 launched globally on October 4th, with hundreds of thousands of players instantly attempting to dive in a play. However, predictably, this lead to massive queues and huge wait times. As a result, many players found themselves in queues veering into the thousands. But just how long are these queue times?
Well, we’ve compiled a handy reference sheet below on the huge Overwatch 2 queues, and how long you can expect to wait

Overwatch 2 queue length and times

Depending on the length of the queue, you can expect to wait a certain amount of time before you get in the game. We’ve listed the length of the queues below, and the expected time you’ll be waiting.
  • 0-500 people - Average wait of a few minutes, maximum around 15
  • 500-1000 people - Wait time veering into 30 minutes
  • 1000-5000 people - Pushing into 45 minutes
  • 5000-10000 people - Over an hour
  • 10000+ people - Multiple hours, high chance of disconnection
These numbers are subject to change. Additionally, due to an ongoing DDOS attack at the time of writing, these may fluctuate wildly.
Overall, these are a guideline on what to expect. What’s more, as the release hype goes down in the coming days, expect the numbers to fall, and the wait times, as Blizzard (hopefully) allocates more resources to the game.
And while you wait for the game, why not check out some of our other Overwatch 2 coverage, such as Overwatch 2 Starting Heroes: Which heroes are available for new players? or How to set up SMS Protect for Overwatch 2? After all, it's better than just staring at your queue number!
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