Overwatch 2 starting heroes: Which heroes are available for new players? cover image

Overwatch 2 starting heroes: Which heroes are available for new players?

Here are all the heroes available to new players in Overwatch 2!

There’s been some debate about the similarities and differences between Overwatch 1 and 2. For existing players transitioning to Overwatch 2, not much will change. There is better graphics, new heroes, new game modes and maps and a lot more. But for newer players, they will not have access to the entire list of heroes at the very beginning. Instead, they will have to unlock the heroes slowly over time.

Blizzard’s reasoning for this is that slowly unlocking new heroes allows them the time and pace to learn the game. Overwatch is a game that allows players to switching heroes mid-round. Once a player dies, he has the option to switch to a new hero to counter the enemy. You lose your ultimate charge when you do so, but it also gives you an opportunity to counter the enemy. 

For newer players, the focus is on learning how to play the game, where the health packs are, what the optimum way to play the game is etc. 

So newer players have access to a limited hero pool, very similar to Riot’s Valorant. Here’s a list of all heroes that are available to new players when they sign up.

Which heroes are available for new Overwatch 2 players?


  • Winston
  • Orisa
  • Reinhardt
  • Zarya

There are only four tanks available for new players. The tank role is usually very important in a team, as it prevents incoming damage and quite often, tanks have crowd control abilities. Zarya is a hero that can deal immense amounts of damage but is also crucial to saving teammates.

Reinhardt, Winston and Orisa, all have immobile shields that prevent damage from coming in from one direction. However, they are also very reliant on the supports to enable them to get to full HP. 


  • Reaper
  • Soldier 76
  • Pharah
  • Torbjorn
  • Tracer
  • Widowmaker

Playing a DPS often gives you more mobility and it’s an easier transition for players coming in from other games. So it’s no wonder that there are six unlocked DPS heroes (or Damage heroes). 

Overwatch provides a variety of damage heroes who can fly vertically (Pharah), run across the map quickly (Soldier 76) and more.

For players coming in from CS: GO, playing Soldier and Tracer is the best. Widowmaker is great for players who like to play the AWP (CS: GO) and OP (Valorant). The scoped weapon allows you to get frags from afar and she also has mobility ability to get her into great positions. 


  • Lucio
  • Mercy
  • Moira

Lucio, Mercy and Moira are the support heroes available at launch. Mercy is one of the easier support heroes to play in Overwatch and yet has a high skill ceiling. Mercy holds a tether to an allied hero and she can heal her ally or provide a short damage boost.

Meanwhile, Lucio is a hero that can provide a Heal boost or the speed boost in the game. Lucio’s ultimate creates a 500 HP barrier around teammates. The Sound Barrier provides a temporary shield boost to teammates allowing them to sustain for some more time. 

Moira can act as a DPS or as a healer. In closed combat Moira is one of the more lethal heroes available in Overwatch.

How to Unlock New heroes in Overwatch 2?

Overwatch has adopted a unique model where there’s a free battle pass and a premium battle pass. Existing users get all heroes unlocked while new users will have to complete various levels in the free battle pass to unlock new heroes. 

Players get various challenges in-game. These daily, weekly and seasonal challenges range from playing one game to completing specific tasks in-game. Players get XP upon completing these challenges which helps them advance their battle pass. 

Daily challengers are usually very simple and are meant to be completed quickly. They can range from playing a match to completing queues in all three roles. Daily challenges are often the quickest way to earn some battle pass points. 

Weekly challenges offer 5000 points, which amounts to half a level. Seasonal challenges offer between 500 to 5000 points. Competitive challenges don't contribute to the battle pass progression, but they offer coins as rewards. Coins are used to buy golden weapons, which are a matter of pride and prestige in Overwatch.

Kirko unlocks at level 55 of the Battle pass. Additionally, Overwatch players can also purchase the premium battle pass and unlock the new heroes right away.