The Rampage LMG is a high damage low fire-rate weapon crafted by Rampart that has a charge mechanic.

The Rampage is making its way back onto floor loot in Apex Legends Season 18 after being in the Crafter. If you're new to Apex Legends and want to know more about the weapon we've got you covered.

The Rampage originally joined the Apex Games back in Season 10 which launched in August 2021. The Rampage is a light-machine gun (LMG) that takes heavy ammo. In terms of the lore, it is the second weapon crafted by Rampart after the Sheila Minigun.

The Rampage LMG has a slow rate of fire but deal heavy damage. On their official patch notes post, the developers shared that the gun will excel at mid-range combat but struggle up close and personal. This is still the case now in Apex Legends Season 18. Mid-range shots with the new weapon are"devastating" according to Respawn Game Designer John Ellenton.

How much damage does the Rampage LMG do?

Head (No helmet, white, blue, purple/gold)
Head39 / 36 / 33 / 31
Spray Pattern: The recoil of the Rampage LMG (middle row) is definitely manageable
Spray Pattern: The recoil of the Rampage LMG (middle row) is definitely manageable

Is the Rampage LMG a good weapon?

The Rampage is a great weapon if you're not great at tracking moving enemies mid-range, but are a pretty good at a sniper. It has low recoil and high damage, plus has a base magazine of 28, up to a max of 40. Revving it up with a Thermite increases the fire rate by 30%.

The Rampage Trials for Weapon Mastery
The Rampage Trials for Weapon Mastery

Rampage Weapon Mastery Trials

In Season 17, Weapon Mastery was introduced allowing you to earn master levels on your favourite gun. After each 20 levels you can complete a special Trial in-game for the Rampage LMG, and earn rewards in the process.

Level required
Trial Name
How many times
20Rain HellfireDown an enemy with revved shots from a higher elevation than your target.20 times
40Nothing to LoseRev up your last magazine and down a enemy with the Rampage.15 times
60 Be Prepared
Down at least 2 enemies without reloading the Rampage in one match.
10 times
80Rampage!Destroy a door and get a knock without releasing the trigger.5 times
100Revved UpDown at least 2 enemies at least 40 meters away with revved shots in one match.5 times

To get an idea of the fire rate of the Rampage LMG you can check this weapon guide posted on Twitter. Developers Respawn Entertainment enlisted the services of YouTube creator staycation to create the video.

Charge mechanic to equip Thermite Grenades

A unique feature of the Rampage LMG is that it has a charge mechanic similar to the Sentinel. The Sentinel allows players to power-up the weapon enabling Disruptor Mode by using 2 shield cells.

The Rampage will operate in a similar way, except it will use a single Thermite grenade. Once the weapon is charged and "revved up" - as the developers are calling it - the weapon will have an increased fire rate of 30%.

When revved up the Rampage can blow up doors, handy if you're out of Frag Grenades and Arc Stars and want to open up an opportunity to shoot those cowards.