Will patch 11.0 be a dwarf expansion? A datamining leak reveals the Algarian Stormrider, giving us a peek into the future of WoW.

Blizzcon season brings excitement and potential leaks for future content, it seems. And while this may dismiss the previous pirate theory about the next World of Warcraft expansion, a new datamining dump brings interesting data. Found by u/Wiraneusz on Reddit, a string of new in-game achievements in WoW reveal new items such as the Algarian Stormrider. What is that? Naming conventions and other hints all point towards a potential dwarf expansion.

Typically, such a small leak as an achievement wouldn't lead to such wild guesstimation. However, the type of achievement that the Algarian Stormrider points to in WoW suggests big things ahead in patch 11.0.

It also doesn't hurt that we've got some lore to back it up. Let's look at our evidence.

Algarian Stormrider = WoW Dwarf expansion?

<em>Credit: u/Wiraneusz of Reddit.</em>
Credit: u/Wiraneusz of Reddit.

Let's start with what we know in regards to hypotheticals like dwarf expansions. Seen on the graphic above is a list of achievement IDs pulled from the WoW servers. The list itself is pretty interesting, as it reveals some cross-promotion with the upcoming Warcraft Rumble mobile game.

It also appears to reveal the Blizzcon 2023 pet in Ysergle the Dreamurk--which we can assume is a Murloc version of Ysera. However, the most interesting piece of WoW data here is 'Heroic Edition: Algarian Stormrider'.

Why? Heroic Edition, in the past, has been tied to one thing: Premium edition releases of new expansions. Similarly to the achievements Collector's Edition: Dread Raven and Heroic Edition: Tangled Dreamweaver in the past, this appears to reveal the premium mount for the 11.0 expansion.

But what's an Algarian Stormrider? We have some guesses based on language and lore. Let's go back to Uldaman.

Dwarf lore - Khaz Algar

First, a quick history lesson. The dwarf race is directly descended from the creation of The Titans--the race of space gods protecting the cosmos and nurturing potential planets. The Titan-Forged were the creations of these gods for the purposes of caring for and evolving Azeroth.

However, those stone and iron creations became corrupted with a disease from the Old Golds imprisoned on the planet. This caused the Stoneforged races to contract a 'curse of the flesh,' making them soft, squishy, and mortal.

Thus, dwarfs, gnomes, mogu, and more.

Jump ahead to the new version of the Uldaman dungeon and we have a number of books scattered around. This includes one that gives us a hint as to what the Algarian Stormrider might mean in WoW.

You can read the full five pages here, but here's the passage important to us:

One particularly notable variant can be found in the earthen contingent dispatched to investigate the fissure detected in Sector AR-938 (for further details, search records related to geological anomalies).

Yet while their behaviors, language, and demeanor show many similarities (for example, assigning Sector AR-938 the colloquial name "Khaz Algar"), physiologically the two groups remain distinct.

Algar. Algarian. And a subsect of Stoneforged Earthen, dispatched by the Titans to investigate an anomaly in the earth. If you read further, this group of Earthen contracted the curse of flesh and settled the anomaly, now known as Khaz Algar.

The elements coalesce

<em>Blizzcon promises a number of teases to the future.</em>
Blizzcon promises a number of teases to the future.

We have a number of guesses all coming together for a perfect storm. The Algarian Stormrider heavily suggests a future WoW dwarf expansion with elements of storm, water, and wind. And this may even link back into the previous rumor of pirates, with a nautical theme coming into play.

Could players be ready to take charge of their own ships and head towards this anomaly known as Khaz Algar? Dwarves are powerful shamans so it could be possible these Algarian Stormriders as specifically storm shamans.

Take all of that information how you will. Regardless, Blizzcon is less than a month away, Chris Metzen is back in charge, and the future of World of Warcraft seems as open as the seas.

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