Is the era of Light… Among Us?!?

Paris "Light" Ramirez took first place at MomoCon 2022 this weekend. Held in Atlanta, the annual geek culture convention is also home to a major Super Smash Bros. tournament. This year's edition is also a Gold Tier event in the Smash World Tour 2022. With SWT points on the line as well as a slice of the $15k prize pool, many of North America's best players came to compete.

from @FL_Phyence on Twitter
from @FL_Phyence on Twitter

Though his run was nearly flawless, Light's performance was outshined by some other tournament storylines. Chief among them was one competitor playing a set in some unbelievable cosplay. However, the biggest story of the weekend might be that of young DDee. The local kid from Georgia put his name on everyone's radar with an eye-opening Top 8 run.

MomoCon 2022 full of surprises

Light's Year

The victory for Light is his first major tournament win in 2022. It adds to an already impressive half-year of results for the electrifying Fox specialist. Light has made Top 8 at every major so far, including Top 4 placements at Smash Ultimate Summit 4 (2nd), GENESIS 8 (4th), and Pound 2022 (3rd). He has also won almost every regional tournament in the New England area. MomoCon is Light's second major title after winning Super Smash Con: Fall Fest last October.

Light continues to make a strong case for being the #1 player in the United States. He didn't just win Momocon, but absolutely dominated it. The 22-year-old champion capped off an undefeated run with just two total games dropped the entire tournament. While this year has been a true turning point for him, Light remains hungry. The world's best Fox player is setting his sights on being the very best Smasher on the planet.

Crewmate for DLC?

One of the most memorable moments of MomoCon 2022 happened early on in the bracket. A random pools match turned into an entertainment spectacle when a costumed competitor played on stream. Appearing to have made a wrong turn at the convention, a player wearing a large Among Us costume took the main stage to play their match. The sight of the giant crewmate captured everyone's attention with multiple photos and videos posted to Twitter. Commentator and Melee legend Juan "Hungrybox" DeBiedma was in utter shock over what he was witnessing.

Unfortunately for the costumed crewmate, who plays under the gamer tag "Forte," they ended up losing the set 0-2. They later admitted that they pulled the stunt for social media response. Although playing in the suit was "hard as hell," they added that it was worth the L if it made people happy.

Hometown Hero at MomoCon

Another story that stole headlines at MomoCon was the play of DDee. The 15-year old from Georgia played in his first major after rising up to #1 in the state's power rankings. After being sent to the Losers bracket by eventual champion Light, DDee pulled off a string of upsets over many of his elders. In Losers he defeated Sonido, Jake, Dark Wizzy, Lui$, Goblin, and Riddles in consecutive sets. With the home crowd cheering him on the entire way, DDee danced his way into a Top 8 finish.

DDee would win his first match of Top 8 and come very close to advancing to Top 4. Up 2-1 on Maister, DDee decided to switch off from Steve to Pokemon Trainer despite looking to be in control with the former. The decision backfired tremendously and Maister reclaimed the momentum and won the next two games to take the set.

Many people in the Smash community believe Steve to be broken. Perhaps DDee wanted to prove to everyone that he isn't "carried" and win with another character. Or it could have been an instance where lack of tournament experience came into play. Nevertheless, DDee did more than enough to impress the entire Smash scene. He is now a player to watch out for as he looks to build off this incredible performance.

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