Ed revealed for SF6, looks quite a bit different than at last we saw him cover image

Ed revealed for SF6, looks quite a bit different than at last we saw him

The third DLC character of season one, Ed is the next fighter to enter the SF6 ring. Take a look at his new look in this short trailer!

It feels like an eternity since the full slate of Street Fighter 6 season one DLC characters were revealed. With two already out in Rashid and AKI, it's time for the third fighter to step forward. Ed makes his SF6 debut next month and the Street Fighter V original looks immensely different than at last we met.

And I don't mean that as a good thing.

Credit: Capcom
Credit: Capcom

He is looking more stylish than he did in his somewhat fascist-looking military uniform from SF5. However, that's the lowest of limbo bars to wiggle under. Seemingly older and no longer under the tutelage of Balrog, Ed appears to be breaking out on his own in SF6.

Take a look at the reveal trailer below.

Ed joins SF6 roster in February 2024

The bad boy of boxing with a heart--Capcom's words, not mine--appears to save someone's created fighter character from a bunch of thugs on a subway car. In regards to fighting style, not much appears to be different for Ed in his transition from Street Fighter 5 to SF6. Utilizing boxing fakes, jabs, and a couple of Balrog techniques, he quickly dispatches his foes.

The most interesting take away from the trailer, however, is the use of his Psycho Snatcher--his signature, psycho-powered grab. It certainly feels like this move may be more of a Critical Art this time around and not a general use ability. Could this quick anti-air become a Super in Street Fighter 6?

The reveal doesn't give us much new info, other than Ed's older and (not-so wiser) look. I don't suppose I really know what a sad boi boxer with an anime haircut should look like, but I didn't expect this. Honestly, he kind of reminds me of the professional wrestler, Hook, from AEW. Hair included.

Look for more info on Ed and his SF6 debut next month.

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