I can (not) fix her: AKI Street Fighter 6 reveal scares EVO crowd cover image

I can (not) fix her: AKI Street Fighter 6 reveal scares EVO crowd

Love hurts, stings, and scars. The AKI Street Fighter 6 character reveal just before EVO Grand Finals shows that poison AND looks can kill.

The heart wants what the heart wants. We cannot decide who we want to love, but we can decide when that love comes with the risk of paralysis and sudden cardiac arrest. A pre-EVO Grand Finals crowd bear witness to reveal of AKI, the next Street Fighter 6 DLC character in Season One and chemical terror in her own right.

She sure does remind me of a certain Street Fighter 5 character. Hrm.

The quick reveal doesn't show much in regards to gameplay. However, we do get a look about what the scariest waifu around is all about. And that's poison. Lots and lots of poison. We'll know more about AKI in Street Fighter 6 when she debuts in the fall if this year.

AKI Street Fighter 6 reveal at EVO

"Which one of these was the herbal medicine, again?" The trailer starts with a young woman appearing to help an innocent bystander with some medical advice. However, things never appear as we think and the AKI Street Fighter 6 reveal is no different. It soon becomes apparent that this Voldo-looking lady is up to no good and ready to get down to some evil.

But, seriously. She's related to FANG from SFV, right? I'm not the only one getting that vibe.

Technically this is the second reveal of AKI in Street Fighter 6, as EVO attendees had the chance to check out a comic featuring the new fighter. Featuring Rashid and AKI interacting, it at least appears those two know one another. Interesting.

We're sure to see gameplay footage soon enough. However and for now, we'll just have to take our medicine for heartbreak and get ready for a long wait.

Sigh. Why must love be so difficult and life-threatening?

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