Rashid Street Fighter 6 reveal trailer drops, release date announced cover image

Rashid Street Fighter 6 reveal trailer drops, release date announced

Rashid is landing in Street Fighter 6 on July 24, and with it, the game’s first DLC character. Here’s everything you need to know:

Capcom has revealed the release date of its first DLC character for Street Fighter 6, Rashid. In a new trailer dropped across social media, Rashid was unveiled along with many of his moves, taunts, and other details.

Rashid is set to hit the game on July 24, a day after the end of the Rashid Arrives! Fighter Pass.

So what's the deal with Rashid?

Image via Capcom
Image via Capcom

Rashid is a Middle Eastern fighter, whose origin has never fully been confirmed (although it's hinted he's from the United Arab Emirates).

His fighting style is described as "wind" and parkour, although many of his moves are also inspired by capoeira, traditional acrobatics, and gymnastics. Rashid is also obsessed with gadgets, and this has translated into him asking for his opponents to "Like and Subscribe" in Street Fighter 6.

We currently don't know what his Outfit 2 will be, but we're hoping it's not his Aladdin costume from Street Fighter 5...

How to unlock Rashid in SF6 when he releases

Players will need to unlock the new fighter with Fighter Coins, or pick up either the Year 1 Character Pass, or the Year 1 Ultimate Pass.

Will Rashid appear in World Tour?

Image via Capcom
Image via Capcom

The biggest question for many players is whether the DLC characters will unlock new content in the World Tour. At the moment, it's unknown whether that's the case. The trailer certainly seemed to suggest Rashid would have an entrance similar to other characters from World Tour, but whether the fighter actually gets some missions and story remains to be seen.

Personally, we're hoping he does get some fleshing out and Street Fighter 6 commits to expanding World Tour beyond its endgame.

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