Rashid Arrives! bundle arrives in SF6, doesn’t feature Rashid cover image

Rashid Arrives! bundle arrives in SF6, doesn’t feature Rashid

The Rashid Arrives! Fighter Pass is pretty good, but doesn’t unlock Rashid, so maybe save your Fighter Coins for a few weeks…

Rashid, the laid-back Middle Eastern protagonist of Street Fighter 5 will land in Street Fighter 6 as the first DLC character released. And, although not playable yet, Capcom is getting into gear with a brand new premium bundle for you to grab.

The new Rashid Arrives! Fighting Pass costs 250 Fighter Coins and unlocks a mini battle pass for you to level up and unlock goodies. It’ll run from July 4 to July 23. But what it doesn't unlock is the fighter as a playable character.

What does the Rashid Arrives! Fighting Pass include?

(Image via Capcom)
(Image via Capcom)

The Rashid Arrives! Fighting Pass features almost two dozen items, including the following:

  • 5 Rashid-inspired Avatar Gear items
  • New Photo Border
  • Classic Capcom Game Hyper Dyne Side Arms
  • An Emote
  • Rashid’s Theme
  • Laura’s Theme
  • Necalli’s Theme
  • 3 new titles
  • A device wallpaper
  • Stickers
  • And more!

Now, the inclusion of some of these items has worried fans. For instance, the inclusion of Laura’s theme might mean she’s not getting her own DLC release (although it’s hard to tell just from a theme). But overall, it's nothing too bad.

Most confusingly of all, the Rashid Arrives! Fighting Pass doesn’t unlock Rashid for you… This might have already led to some buyers' remorse from some players.

How to unlock Rashid in Street Fighter 6 

(Image via Capcom)
(Image via Capcom)

Rashid is a DLC character, and as such you’ll either have to purchase the season pass, or buy him individually when he’s released. Note that Rashid isn’t unlocked with this Fighting Pass, and isn’t available at all yet. Instead, his release will likely come sometime after the end of the Fighting Pass, perhaps on June 23 when the Pass concludes.

The pass has some nice stuff, but nothing we’d personally jump at buying. Save your coins for Rashid’s release in our opinion!

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