Street Fighter 6 is about to get a caged tournament.

Wondering if you read the title of this article correctly? Yes, you did. Red Bull Gaming is teaming up with Street Fighter 6 to host a live caged match, where 16 competitors will be stuck in a cage facing off against each other.

Before you get too excited, remember, it is just people playing the video game in a cage. There will not be an actual fighting match. Still, though, the uniqueness of this upcoming tournament has fans ecstatic.

Here is everything we know as of now about the Red Bull Gaming Street Fighter 6 caged match.

Red Bull Gaming to hold a Street Fighter 6 caged tournament in Brooklyn

New York is getting really lucky, being able to have this upcoming historic gaming event held on their ground. The event will take 16 of the best Street Fighter competitors in the world, making them face off in front of a large crowd while being stuck in a cage.

No one leaves the cage until a victor is crowned, either.

So when will the Red Bull Gaming Street Fighter 6 caged event happen?

  • March 16, 2024.
  • March 17, 2024.

The event will take place over the course of two days, and is being titled as the "Red Bull Kumite New York."

As of now, tickets to the event are only $16.33 USD a person, making it a relatively cheap tournament.

Looking to purchase tickets? You can do so here.

Red Bull Kumite New York schedule

The tournament will last around nine hours on both days. Doors will open at 12 pm with a pre-show beginning at 1 pm.

There will even be a halftime show in the middle of the event, but no info has been released on that front. Regardless, the Red Bull Kumite New York is already building up to be one of the best gaming tournaments of the year.

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