Here’s how to play as Loid Forger in Street Fighter 6, but don’t get your hopes up too high! This is just an Avatar Costume!

On Jan. 9, Street Fighter 6 began its collaboration with the heart-warming Spy X Family anime, introducing a pair of Avatar Costumes based on Loid and Yor Forger, protagonists and would be parents in the series. But disappointingly for some, the Spy X Family crossover doesn't just add the characters to the game. Still, if you want to change up your Avatar to look like Yor or Loid, there's a way. Here's how to play as Loid Forger in Street Fighter 6.

How to play as Loid Forger in Street Fighter 6 (SF6)

Unfortunately, Loid isn't a separate unique character in SF6. To play as Loid Forger in SF6, you need to use an Avatar code after securing the costumes for Loid and Yor Forger in the Battle Hub collaboration store. First head to the Battle Hub collaboration store and purchase the Avatar costumes. 

Then head into the Avatar Creator menu, and move to the final option Recipe. Type in the code SPY_SF6_LOID into the Download Recipe option and enjoy your new Loid Forger inspired Avatar! We recommend either Luke or JP for his move set for your Avatar, as it’s spiritually closest to Loid.

You can also transform your Avatar to look like Loid's pretend spouse Yor Forger. We have a full guide on that linked here and below!

Spy X Family x SF6 details

Avatar costumes for Loid and Yor will be available at the collaboration store in the Street Fighter 6 Battle Hub during the collaboration. All players who log in during the collaboration period will receive special items like photo frames, stamps, and titles. Additionally, Yor and Loid's hairstyles have also been added to the avatar creation. The collaboration will be in-game until Jan. 31.

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