Creator Clash was a huge success. Does that mean a second event is on the way?

Creator Clash, the YouTube boxing event organized by iDubbbz, has received universal praise for its entertaining bouts and exciting format. The event was a spectacle in the purest sense and has sent the internet community abuzz about potential follow-up events.

We covered the event, both in a preview and a results piece, breaking down each YouTube star’s performance on the night. In our opinion, this was one of the best YouTube boxing events ever organized. So naturally, we’re eager for a return to the action. So is there going to be a Creator Clash 2? And who could potentially be fighting in it?

Will there be a Creator Clash 2?

While no official announcement has been made, there’s been huge interest in the event after the success of the first. What’s more, Anisa, the co-organizer of the event, may have hinted that the next boxing competition is already being organized.

In a Tweet from May 19th, Anisa tweeted: ““we only have to deal with this stress for a few more months and then we never have to think about it again.” Boy were we were wrong.” The heavy implication being that another Creator Clash is already in the works.

What’s more the Creator Clash Twitter has exploded with polls asking which fights viewers want to see. It seems Creator Clash 2 is all but officially confirmed!

Who could fight at Creator Clash 2?

There’s a lot of interest in fighting in a boxing event that started after the buzz around Creator Clash ended. The primary candidates are the returning fighters and fighters that missed out on the first event.

That means Anisa Jomha, whose injury put her out of the running for taking part in the first female influencer boxing match. Instead, that honor went to Justaminx and Yodeling Haley, who put on a brutal match at the Creator Clash. Anisa will likely be hungry to get in the ring and prove she can hang with the best of them.

What’s more, there were several call-outs on the night, with Harley from Epic Meal Time calling out Dr. Disrespect, and Nathan Barnett calling out YouTuber Nexpo.

But beyond this, there’s been a huge upsurge of influencers and creators looking to get in on boxing. This includes Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetterand, who posted about being interested in boxing on May 15ther, and three days later posted pictures of her learning to box. 

Perhaps Rae could box her former RFLCT skincare business partners. She’d certainly have good reason to pop those people in the mouth!

But beyond Valkyrae, Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo quizzed Twitter as to who he should box. And one of the first replies was 100Thieves co-owner Jack “CouRage” Dunlop.

The event seems to have awoken something in streamers, especially those on Twitch. With the previous event being so YouTube-centric, Twitch streamers are starting to feel left out. It would be fantastic to have some huge names from the platform perform in the next Creator Clash.

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