18 creators put on an influencer boxing clinic last night, showing just how great YouTube boxing can be.

Last night (May 14th) saw the culmination of months of preparation and work for dozens of YouTubers as the Creator Clash boxing event took place. There were surprises all-round from shock results, to just impressive performances.

Below we’ve run down the results and outcomes of each fight, along with analysis of the fights. We previously made predictions about the outcomes of each fight. We also live-Tweeted the event, so if you want to see some play-by-play, check it out here. So without further preamble, let’s take a look at the winners and losers from last night’s 


Our announcers for the night were Wade Plemons on play-by-play, with Moist Cr1tiKal and FaZe Sensei on color and analysis. This was such a good desk. Sensei obviously has the experience, and Plemonds was perfect on play-by-play. But Cr1tikal was a stand-out, perfect balance of excitement and professionalism. This is definitely the guy you hire to do color on a YouTube boxing match.

Akinola Verissimo was the ring announcer, and he tore up the place. Michael Buffer couldn’t have done a better job. 

Matt Watson of SuperMega Vs. Dad (Nathan Barnatt) – Dad wins by TKO

Referee stoppage first round, 0:22

(Image via Creator Clash)

We said Nathan Barnatt was a physical freak and we were absolutely right. Honestly if you had any doubts about this fight, you need to sit down and watch his dance video for Madeon – Pop Culture. Even if that was 11 year ago now, someone doesn’t just lose physical conditioning.

He beasted Watson. I feel bad that Matt dropped a couple of hundred dollars on some pretty professional looking tattoos before this fight. Actually, so did Barnatt. And a lot of creators. Was there a tattoo parlor next to the boxing gym or something?

Dad called out Nexpo after the fight. Presumably because of Nexpo’s video What’s Going On with “Dad”? Making a psych/horror channel and having Nexpo immediately debunk definitely calls for some hands to be thrown.

Ryan Mcgee of SuperMega Vs. Alex Ernst – Alex wins by Judges Decision

Judges Decision

(Image via Creator Clash)

So impressive of Mcgee to go the distance in this one, but Ernst looked like the better fighter. However Mcgee was incredibly surprising in his boxing acumen and chin. He looked like he had a lot to prove, and by the judges score card, won two of the rounds.

I don’t think either of these guys will be back in the ring. And honestly, compared to later fights they both looked sloppy. But this was two guys slugging and it was a pleasure to watch. Nice bit of kino.

DJ Welch Vs. Internet Comment Ettiquette with Erik

Referee stoppage second round

(Image via Creator Clash)

We predicted that both of these guys hadn’t prepared enough, and we were half right. It looks like Erik didn’t put in the work and it showed as he got rocked for two rounds straight. 

It’s surprising how much of a specimen DJ Welch is, and it would be great to see him box another heavyweight again. These guys opted for headgear and I think it was a good decision. Although it was the only headgear fight of the night, it was still brutal.

Alex from I Did a Thing Vs. Odd1sout –  Alex wins by TKO

Referee stoppage first round, 1:24

(Image via Creator Clash)

Alex came into this fight so confident. Looking tall, lean and cut. He drank beer before the match, he was wearing his leather apron, and he didn’t take off his Khakis. And then he ROCKED Odd1sout.

After the first punch landed, Alex looked at the ref and wanted him to call it. A class act. This was a huge mismatch just because Alex looked like a natural boxer, and Odd1sout looked like an animator who’d trained cardio for a few months. I think everyone wants to see Alex come out and box again. Would be great to see this guy in the ring soon.

Justaminx Vs. Yodelling Haley – Minx wins by TKO

Referee stoppage fourth round

(Image via Creator Clash)

This was predicted to be pretty one sided, but Haley shocked us all by sticking in there as long as she did. She was clearly ready, and more technically sound than Minx. But the size and aggression was just too much. Haley showed toughness to get bloodied and stay in for a few more rounds.

I think Minx would really struggle against someone of the same size, unless she sures up her technique. But her chin is far more solid than expected (and Haley’s, for that matter). She was just in there, eating these punches from Haley. A fantastic debut for women’s influencer boxing!

Hundar of Muscle Party Vs. AB of H3 Podcast – Hundar wins by TKO

Referee stoppage fifth round

(Image via Creator Clash)

This was the best fight of the card. It looked like a real boxing match between professionally trained fighters. Hundar fought an intensely technical fight, staking out the middle of the ring. He forced AB into corners, and fought defensively. Then he exploded in the fifth round and went for a KO.

Not to say AB did badly. In fact he looked incredible. He was boxing his own fight, with lots of movement. But Hundar was just too big and too smart. I don’t think we saw as much of a show of pure boxing for the rest of the card.

Michael Reeves Vs. Graham Stephan – Michael Reeves wins by TKO

Referee Stoppage second round 

(Image via Creator Clash)

Michael Reeves is another one of these hidden physical freaks. A bit like Nathan Barnatt. He looked absolutely CUT in this fight. Impressive for a guy with his frame. And he brought it with the aggression we thought he would.

But Stephan was clearly well-trained and brought it when he could. Reeves didn’t win this easily by any stretch. Just a great fight between possibly the two most evenly matched fighters in terms of height and weight. 

Harley from Epic Meal Time Vs. Arin Hanson – Harley wins by TKO

Referee Stoppage second round

(Image via Creator Clash)

Harley is a giant. A monster. The most impressive heavyweight in this competition. He came out dressed as Big Boss from MSG, with Nirvana’s cover of Man Who Ruled the World playing. Incredible entrance. 

And then he beasted a guy who didn’t look ready, had less time to prep, and probably just didn’t have the killer instinct.

Mad respect to Arin though. It takes a tough individual to last in a fight like that for any amount of time. But Harley looked technically sound and monstrous. Great fight. Harley called out Dr. Disrespect after the match. Honestly I don’t think Doc is big enough to fight Harley. He’s a tall dude, but Harley is HUGE.

Main Event: iDubbbz Vs. Dr. Mike – Dr. Mike wins by Judges Decision

Unanimous Judges Decision

(Image via Creator Clash)

What a main event. I think no one expected iDubbbz to put on a fight like this. He looked so impressive, fought so well, and looked like a great boxer. He was absolutely outclassed by Dr. Mike, with 10-years of training, but still looked great. And he went the distance!

Now there were some controversies. In the second round, Dr. Mike ROCKED iDubbbz with a vicious strike just after the glove touch. A cheap shot perhaps, or just an amateur fighter getting too excited.

And they managed to mess up the timings. This was billed as four three-minute rounds, but the time keeper called the fight at two-minutes in the first round. This meant the fight ended up going five-rounds of two minutes like the rest of the card. A bit of a mess.

Still, an incredible end to a fantastic event. Honestly one of the best produced, most stacked influencer/YouTube boxing events we’ve seen.

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