Creator Clash: Picks and Predictions for the iDubbbz’ boxing event cover image

Creator Clash: Picks and Predictions for the iDubbbz’ boxing event

The picks and predictions for iDubbbz boxing event, the Creator Clash.

YouTube boxing is a sensation. With competitors like the Paul brothers and KSI taking the boxing scene by storm it’s just part of the new norm. But when iDubbbz announced a boxing pay per view, called the Creator Clash, many were still surprised.

Not least because of the eclectic group of competitors. For one, none of these creators have ever boxed before in their lives. And several of them are seen as family-friendly or less extreme creators. Hitting another person in the face isn’t exactly what you expect from Arin Hanson from the Game Grumps. Or Yodeling Haley. They aren't exactly Logan Paul.

So, armed with limited knowledge of their boxing ability, and only their existing content to build on, here’s our predictions for Saturday's Creator Clash.

Matt Watson vs. Dad (Nathan Barnett)

I don’t think Matt knows what he’s up against in Barnett. Barnett is a physical freak, which anyone should know if you’ve watched his dance or prank videos. He can also take punishment like no other. Watson may have some durability, but simply he’s not spent the majority of his adult life doing highly physical things, which Barnett has.

The issue is whether Barnett is “on.” I don’t put it past the insane genius of Barnett to work a boxing match in-character, and get himself beaten up and take a dozen punches as Dad. This is the man who got kicked out of PAX for climbing things. Watson will do well if Barnett ‘works’ the match. Matt will also have the edge in age, and perhaps durability. Barnett has had injuries in the past, and might suffer in a longer fight.

Pick: Dad

Ryan Magee vs. Alex Ernst

Magee looks like a clear favorite on paper in Creator Clash, with an impressive and physical demeanor, and the right kind of frame for boxing. But he might be up against someone willing to match his physicality in Ernst.

Alex Ernst has a quiet intensity and perhaps an aggressive streak hidden below the surface. I think this has the potential to be a great match. But again, it does depend if these guys are playing along. If these two get into a real boxing match, it’s going to be an entertaining brawl. If they play it for comedy, it’s going to suck.

Pick: Ryan Magee

Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik vs. DJ Welch of Animators vs Gamers

Both competitors here just don’t seem like their preparation is there. While we’ve been assured multiple times that all creators are taking this seriously, the lack of evidence makes it hard to believe. Of course, this could all just be smoke and mirrors. 

But even if we assume there’s lots of training going on behind the scenes, cardio and longevity will be an issue with both men. My edge goes to Erik, because I think he might have more aggression behind the eyes. But at face value, a boring fight between two people who haven’t prepared.

Pick: Erik

The Odd1Sout vs I Did a Thing

This one is going to come down to the pre-boxing lifestyle. And in that scenario, it has to go to I Did a Thing. His height and length make him a natural at the weight, and he should outreach his opponent. Combined with the more physical style of content, versus the animator lifestyle, the edge has to go to I Did a Thing.

For The Odd1Sout, to win he has to work the body. But that’s not an easy thing to do from an Amateur background. He’s going to get bodied in the ring. I Did a Thing is the heavy favorite.

Pick: I Did a Thing

Justaminx vs Yodeling Haley

I think that whoever booked this match should be disallowed from organizing boxing, as it is the most one-sided fight on the card. Minx has a tall frame and a long reach and has consistently shown a willingness to throw herself into intense training.

You’ve got a mismatch here in both dedication and fundamentals, and I think that that’s going to show itself off in a more aggressive competitor (Minx), bringing it to Haley, and forcing her into a defensive fight. And defensive fights do not favor amateur fighters. Easy Minx win.

With one caveat: Minx’s chin. Minx has been very public with stories of blackouts and car crashes. There is a real possibility that she doesn’t have a good chin on her, and if Haley can hit a good straight, she’s going to put down Minx. Still picking Minx though.

Pick: Justaminx

Hundar of Muscle Party Vs AB of the H3 Podcast

Hundar passes the look test. He’s big, he’s got a fitness background. It should translate to solid boxing acumen. But he has some points against him. A smaller wingspan and a more compact frame might make it harder for him to out-box his opponent. 

AB looks like the weaker fighter on paper, but he’s cleary trained well and hard. He has a lot of support in the iDubbbz camp during the prep for Creator Clash, and that’s translated into good coaching. This is going to be a great competitive fight. Match of the card. AB wins on points.

Pick: AB

Michael Reeve vs Graham Stephan

Another great competitive match on paper for Creator Clash. Graham Stephan looks like the prototypical white-collar boxer. His preparation looks great, and he definitely has the mental capacity on his side. But Michael Reeve is another one of these deceptively strong people, as his on-stream antics and videos show. This is also a guy who’s a sucker for punishment. I mean, does anyone have any idea how many times he’s tasered himself? He’s going to give himself a heart murmur..

These are two guys on the smaller frame-side, with limited wingspans. I think the edge and aggression will be on Reeve’s side, but I don’t doubt that Stephan has try-harded the boxing training. Highly competitive match, but siding with Reeve, because I like the aggression. 

Pick: Michael Reeve

Harley of Epic Meal Time vs Arin Hanson of Game Grumps

Harley Morenstein is an incredibly talented man, who just so happened to decide to make large quantities of food for internet videos. He’s also huge, and decided to train for iDubbbz boxing tournament by seeking out Sam Hyde, perhaps the most controversial figure on YouTube. And they had a street brawl in a carpark. I just think this unhinged-style of preparation is going to work.

I think Arin Hanson is going to be too soft, too comedy focused, and get beaten up by a guy who actually wants to have a boxing match. Hanson needs to tap into his aggression to have a chance, but I don’t think he’s going to be able to match up with Morenstein. I think Morenstein will box a smart fight and win even if faced with high aggression.

Pick: Harley

Creator Clash Main Event: IDubbz vs Dr. Mike

This could be a stomp. It’s the main event of the Creator Clash, but I don’t believe it’s going to be half the fight of some of the Prelims. I want iDubbbz to have put in the work here, but if he’s slacked off, he’s going to suffer. And I have this horrible suspicion that being the planner, organizer and mind behind a boxing card, and also fighting in the main event, is too much for one person to handle. 

I think he’s going to suffer against Mike Varshavski who has a good fitness background. I think his mentality to training is going to have been better, and its going to pay off.

Pick: Dr. Mike

Creator Clash kicks off on May 14th, in Tampa, Florida. To buy tickets for in-person or online stream, head to the official website.