Our League of Legends editorial team go head-to-head predicting the winners of the biggest upcoming games this weekend. Pride and honour is at stake. Which writer has got it right?

We've put our League of Legends editorial team to the test this week in a head-to-head prediction battle. Our writers Marn, Mostafeto, Kiddo and Germanicus will compete to correctly guess the winners of four big upcoming matches that feature on Midnite.

Will the Midnite odds affect their prediction?

We've handpicked the most enticing match-ups, 2 from LCS and 2 from LEC. To give them a bit of a hand we've also shared with them the odds of each team from our partner Midnite's League of Legends section. Will the odds affect their decision?

If you're not sure how betting odds work, we did a little beginner's guide.

Times of match are in BST
Times of match are in BST

LEC Match 1: Rogue (1.5) vs Misfits (2.5) - July 9th

Background: This match is first place vs second and could realistically go either way. Both teams have an identical record this season (7-2) but Rogue are on a run of 4 wins in a row. If you fancy placing a bet, head to the match page.

Kiddo: "Though tied for first with Misfits, Rogue are undoubtedly the best team in Europe at the moment. The Spring finalists have maintained their steady, macro-focused game that nearly earned them their first LEC title.

With the highest gold difference at 15 minutes (+2535) and first tower percentage (89%), Rogue knows how to take an early lead and maintain it.

Misfits have also shown an amount of early game prowess, however are not quite as proactive as Rogue. I expect that Rogue will continue to find success with their playstyle, constricting and choking out Misfits with objective and map advantages. 1.5 is a solid bet for Rogue."

Predicted Winner: Rogue

Mostafeto: "My heart wants to go with Misfits just to continue the 18-year old rookie midlaner, Vincent "Vetheo" Berrié, rise to stardom. 

At the same time, my mind knows Rogue will win this, because looking at the numbers, Rogue is ahead in almost every department. 

Add on top of that, Misfits’ win against G2 Esports last week from the surface looks deceiving, because they shouldn’t have won that game under any scenario.

They got dismantled from start to finish, but G2 didn’t feel like Elder is an important objective I guess."

Predicted Winner: Rogue

Marn: "While this is a top of the table clash, there should only be one winner in this match up in my eyes and that is Rogue.

Rogue's early game has been breath-taking to watch this season. Looking at their average gold lead at fifteen minutes, it is well over 2000 and no team in the league comes close to matching them in the early game.

1.5 odds on Midnite is solid given the circumstances, Misfits Gaming should not be disrespected as they are one of the best teams in the league this season, they simply have not been as dominant in my eyes."

Predicted Winner: Rogue

Germanicus: "In a straight prediction there’s no way I don’t pick Rogue. They lead the LEC in almost every statistic and are clearly the most coordinated, consistent, and deadly squad the region has.
However, this isn’t a straight prediction, there are odds in the mix. And in a first-vs-second matchup, Misfits at 2.5 seems like an incredible steal.

While Rogue have been great, there’s a reason Misfits are right there with them. Vetheo has been a revelation in the mid lane, having a real breakout split. His assassin-heavy champion pool will be an interesting matchup into Larssen’s control mages.

Their ability to play the meta, flawlessly mixing in picks like Lee Sin and Akali, has helped them a ton as well. Rogue are the favourites, but Misfits have great odds on Midnite, and have pathways to win this matchup as well."

Predicted Winner: MisFits

Times of match are in BST
Times of match are in BST

LEC Match 2: Vitality (2.28) vs Fnatic (1.59) - July 9th

Background: Vitality versus Fnatic is an LEC Summer 2021 match. Fnatic are currently ranked 3rd with a record of 6-3. Vitality on the other hand are joint 5th with a 4-5 record, and have lost both of their last two games. Fnatic are the favourites on Midnite to win the match, with 1.59 compared to Vitality's 2.28. - You can place a bet here, after reading these crucial prediction info of course:

Kiddo: "Fnatic have shown a measured, aggressive playstyle that has earned them a top spot in the LEC thus far. With the first highest combined kills per minute (0.96) and third highest combined KD (1.32), Fnatic knows when to take fights and how to win them. Conversely, Vitality has been inconsistent throughout the split.

Their volatile roster has given them a very ‘boom-or-bust’ identity. Vitality’s poor late game, especially around neutral objectives, has cost them plenty of games. Given that Fnatic has already won this matchup, and only improved since, I predict that they will take this game again. Fnatic at 1.59 is a solid bet."

Predicted Winner: Fnatic

Mostafeto: "I will be incredibly honest. Team Vitality is a ticking time bomb of a team. The combination of Lider and Selfmade is one of the most explosive jungle-mid duos we have seen in a long time.

If Team Vitality manage to get any one of them ahead in the game against FNATIC, they will be able to carry the team across the finish line.

However, FNATIC have looked incredible these past few weeks. After saying that, I would still put my money on Vitality to win this one with the 2.28 odds on Midnite."

Predicted Winner: Vitality

Marn: "Fnatic has started to find their footing as they sit solely in third place. They go up against an inconsistent Vitality side. One week they are taking down LEC giants and next week losing against teams they should be beating.

It really is a coin flip in regards to what Vitality shows up. Which is why I have Fnatic picking up this victory.

They have already shown they can beat this Vitality side and I expect them to do it again. 1.59 is a solid payout, if Vitality had more consistency then 2.28 would be a steal of a bet."

Predicted Winner: Fnatic

Germanicus: "I love Vitality and was very excited for this roster coming into the split. However, by now it’s clear that things just aren’t quite working. They’ve beaten some of the best teams in the league and lost to some of the worst.

What’s worse Vitality have no consistency: looking like a first place team one game and a last place team the next.

Fnatic are clearly looking good. Bwipo’s transition to the jungle has gone surprisingly well, and their coordination seems to be in a much better spot. Fnatic won this match before and I fully expect they’ll do it again."

Predicted Winner: Fnatic

Midnite is a partner of Esports.gg
Midnite is a partner of Esports.gg

Match time is in BST
Match time is in BST

LCS Match 1: 100 Thieves (1.7) vs TSM (2.08) - July 11th

Background: 100 Thieves vs TSM is 1st place versus 2nd place in the LCS Summer Season. 100 Thieves have a slightly better record with 24-9 compared to TSM's 23-10. 100 Thieves are currently on an 8 game win streak and TSM a 2 game win streak. This could go either way, but after reading our insights you might feel like taking the leap. If so you can find the match page on Midnite right here.

Marn: "100 Thieves is the best team in the league by quite a distance this season, when the enemy team has made a crucial mistake they have been the team that punishes the hardest.

While TSM is a team that cannot be slept on, 100 Thieves has simply been more dominant when going up against the top teams in the league this season.

TSM has had multiple messy games against the top teams that could have been ended in a cleaner and quicker fashion.

100 Thieves also has the bragging rights as far as the summer head-to-head goes, they dismantled TSM in their last outing and I expect them to do it again."

Predicted winner: 100 Thieves

Mostafeto: "With the way 100 Thieves have been playing lately, I doubt anyone can beat them . Another angle I look at it is the incredible instability almost every team in the LCS is going through, except for 100 Thieves.

Their momentum coming off a 3-0 record in week 4 has to be taken into consideration, and FBI winning Player of the Week as well. At least for next two weeks, any defeat 100 Thieves endures will have to be an upset."

Predicted Winner: 100 Thieves

Kiddo: "The top four teams in the LCS have proven that they are a cut above the rest, and though 100 Thieves are currently on a tear, last week proved that the battle for first is still contentious.

TSM have managed to take down Cloud9 in both matchups as well as Team Liquid, leaving only 100 Thieves in their way. This game will likely come down to junge/mid synergy, as this has proved a consistent win condition for both teams.

Though Abbedagge and Closer certainly seem to be clicking, PowerOfEvil has shown impressive highs and makes a strong case for himself as the best midlaner in the LCS.

Tying Abedagge in KDA (6.2) and finding himself first in kill particpation (71.3%) as well as DPM (551). Though not the most lane dominant player, PowerOfEvil’s team fight presence will be the difference maker. I expect this match to be close."

Predicted Winner: TSM

Germanicus: "100 Thieves come into this match on an 8-game win streak. They’ve proven to be quite clearly NA’s best roster over the last few weeks. Abbedagge has completely elevated this team to new heights, with players like Closer, who struggled in spring, becoming some of the LCS’ best.

One of the big criticisms of 100T is some of the messy games they’ve had. However, TSM have been struggling to close out games is a hallmark of any North American team. Both sides are great, they’re first and second for a reason. But 100T have been slowly edging ahead lately and there’s no reason that shouldn’t continue."

Predicted Winner: 100 Thieves

Match time is in BST
Match time is in BST

LCS Match 2: Counter Logic Gaming (1.7) vs Fly Quest (2.08) - July 11th

Background: This match has identical Midnite odds to 100 Thieves versus TSM but a very different scenario. Instead of 1st versus 2nd, this is two of the worst performing teams in the season. Both CLG and FlyQuest have a record of 9-24 and are ranked 8th and 9th place. Only top 8 finishers qualify for the playoffs and this is the FINAL match for both teams. It all comes down to this. Feel you know who's edging it? Visit the match page on Midnite.

Marn: "To me this is a no brainer and at very good odds on Midnite. CLG may be slumping, but FlyQuest are slumping even harder at ten losses in a row.

This poor form resulted in them not only substituting their academy roster for week six but also selling Licorice to the Golden Guardians.

Even if FlyQuest Academy are able to be competitive this week, CLG’s experienced roster should be more than enough for them to get over the line. 1.7 odds is a steal given the scenario.

CLG are the overwhelming favorites and this would be a solid payout for an LCS vs Academy match up."

Predicted Winner: Counter Logic Gaming

Mostafeto: "If FlyQuest still had Licorice, or any of their main roster for that matter, I kind of would have favored them going into this one.

Both teams have been struggling in their own rights, but at least CLG suddenly rose from the ashes with their 3-0 record in week 3.

With the recent full roster swaps and chaos at FlyQuest, I will give this one to CLG for sure."

Predicted Winner: Counter Logic Gaming

Kiddo: "FlyQuest has made some dramatic changes to their starting lineup, completely switching their Academy roster into starter roles. Though currently on a 10 game loss streak, FlyQuest’s Academy roster sits in first place at 6-1. FlyQuest has experimented with the idea of swapping around their LCS roster.

In his single LCS game, FlyQuest’s ADC, Tomo, broke the record for DPM in a single game (1296). CLG’s botlane is incredibly vulnerable to being exploited, showing perhaps the most weakness in CLG’s six game losing streak.

CLG's success has been off of unconventional composition blindsiding teams, and even then CLG have only been able to edge out some games. FlyQuest’s odds on Midnite are far better than they look on paper."

Predicted Winner: FlyQuest

Germanicus: "With their team performing very poorly, FlyQuest have made big changes. Their academy roster will be coming in for all of week 3.

The thing here is that FLYQuest aren’t a bad or middling academy team. They’re one of the best in North America, currently sitting in second place.

Nxi is one of the most exciting prospects North America has seen in a long time, while Kumo and Tomo are both also very strong players. CLG, in the meanwhile, have been incredibly flat all split long.

There’s no depth to CLG's play, and apart from one 3-0 week, they’ve won only one other game all split. CLG are the classic ‘sit back and lose’ team. The Midnite odds are quite good for FLY and I genuinely think the second-best academy team is better than this CLG squad."

Predicted Winner: FlyQuest

So there we have it, four matches, four predictions. We'll be revisiting who came out on top next week. Make sure to follow our League of Legends news section to see how the matches go down.