The LCS Championship has concluded and three of NA’s best teams will be competing at Worlds. Here is the best performer in each role during the LCS Championship.

The LCS Championship was an incredible spectacle. 100 Thieves was the fifth team to claim their hands on an LCS title and will be North America's first seed at Worlds. Joining them at Worlds will be 2019 MSI finalists Team Liquid and 2018 World semi-finalists Cloud9. will highlight which player performed the best in their role throughout the playoffs, giving fans a reminder of what is to come from North America's best.

Top lane: Alphari

Alphari by the end of the LCS Championship was rightfully the best top laner in the LCS Championship. Despite his troubles since coming to North America, there is no questioning Alphari's talent. Alphari came back to the side later into the summer split and just before playoffs. Team Liquid never looked back as they dominated the majority of the LCS championship.

Alphari went back to comfort picks, prioritizing lane dominant champions such as Jayce and Gangplank. In the simplest terms Alphari was able to create pressure both during the laning phase and when he was split pushing. Alphari picked Jayce seven times and GP five times. After missing Worlds on many occasions, the English top laner will be making his way to the international stage. On his day, it would not be a surprise to see Alphari dominate the competition.

Jungle: Closer

It was an incredible sight to see as the Closer redemption arc was complete. After a few rough patches, Closer showcased that he is the best jungler in the league right now. Closer dominated against the best junglers the LCS has to offer without breaking a sweat. Closer's LCS Championship finals performance was arguably the most dominant LCS finals performance of all time.

This is the first time Closer will be competing at Worlds as part of a major region. There will be expected pressure for him and 100 Thieves to perform given they are the number one seed from North America. Viego is the champion that could see a lot of action in the pick-and-ban for 100T. Closer was monstrous on the champion throughout the playoffs and was easilly his best champion.

Best Mid laner in the LCS Championship: Abbedagge

Abbedagge took a shot in the dark leaving Europe for North America. Looking back on it now, it was all worth it. Abbedagge was easily one of the best players in the LCS Championship throughout the summer split and solidified himself as the best player in his role during the playoffs. What made this split special for Abbedagge was his slow ascend to the top. Starting off with supportive champions such as Karma, to assassinating people left, right and center on LeBlanc.

While there were a couple of candidates for this honor, winning an LCS title in their first split in the league is a signifncant achievement. Following in the footsteps of European legend Perkz who won the Mid-Season Showdown in the spring split.

AD Carry: FBI + Zven

FBI and Closer have been teammates for nearly two years. image via
FBI and Closer have been teammates for nearly two years. image via

While it is a fence sitting move, it was too difficult to separate the two. Starting with FBI, winning his first LCS title of many is a milestone that cannot go understated. Having his region completely erased and forced to play in North America is a tall task for any player. FBI is amongst the best in the LCS Championship League, both literally and for his role. FBI came up huge in their series against Cloud9, if it had not been for his heroics, they may not be the LCS champions today.

Moving onto Zven, the veteran bottom laner went under the radar this tournament. However, in almost every statistic Zven is miles above the competition. This is something that cannot go quietly into the night. Zven was in championship form throughout the playoffs and will be a big feature for Cloud9 at the 2021 LoL World Championship.

Support: Huhi + CoreJJ dominate LCS Championship

For similar reasons to the AD Carry role, the significance of 100 Thieves being the fifth team in LCS history to win a title cannot be underselled. Huhi had a fantastic playoffs and has had an inspiring return to the top of the LCS after role swapping to support. Huhi worked great with his bottom lane duo in FBI to create an immense amount of pressure in the lane, something that was an afterthought in the playoffs due to the high roaming style. The 100T support returns to Worlds for the first time since 2016.

Unfortunately for CoreJJ, the former world champion did not pick up his third LCS title. There is a very strong case for CoreJJ being the best support throughout the playoffs. Up until the finals, Team Liquid was playing world class League of Legends. CoreJJ was at the forefront of every important moment for TL throughout the playoffs and is looking to have another deep run at worlds.

The League of Legends World Championship kicks off October 5 with the play-in stage.

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