It all comes down to this, 100 Thieves and Team Liquid. This is the second time these sides will be facing off in the finals of an LCS playoffs.

Team Liquid and 100 Thieves take to the stage for the last time in the LCS this season. With both teams already qualified for worlds, both teams now have one goal, the LCS championship. Team Liquid has the bragging rights after besting 100T in their last best-of-five. Who will win and earn the number one seed for North America at the 2021 World Championship?

Game one: 100 Thieves came to play

The first game of the series started off pretty slow, although, this was expected given the circumstances. As we approached the ten-minute mark there had been very little action with 100T securing a Cloud drake as well as the Rift Herald. The game blew into life in the eleventh minute, 100T was able to secure an incredible four-for-one in the bottom lane to put them ahead in game one.

After fumbling many times in the early game yesterday, it was great to see 100 Thieves off to such a great start. 100T were known for their ability to set up immaculate dives and their practise came in clutch to put them over 2000 gold up. This early game lead helped in the dragon stacking game for 100 Thieves too.

As the game approached the 20-minute mark, 100 Thieves had doubled their gold lead from 2k to 4k. 100 Thieves was also on par for a very early dragon soul. Across the board, 100T were completely running over Team Liquid. By the 23rd minute, Abbedagge was the scariest champion in the game with a 3/0/4 score on LeBlanc.

Three minutes later 100 Thieves was able to take down the nexus and go up 1-0. This was a surprising game one, TL has been known for their strong early games while C9 showed the blueprint on how to beat 100T in the early game.

Game two: 100 Thieves on the verge of their first title

After a monstrous game one, 100 Thieves came to play in game two of this best-of-five. It wouldn't be an LCS final without Alphari giving away first blood in the top lane. The 100T top side was able to cleanly pull off a kill to get that lane rolling. As the 12th minute approached, the gold lead remained level despite 100 Thieves picking up multiple kills, TL was simply playing the map better up until that point.

Progressing beyond the 20-minute mark and 100 Thieves had ballooned their gold lead as well as their kills. In what was an awkward composition to execute on, Closer was the man pulling the strings for 100T with a monstrous performance on Viego.

The straw that broke the camel back for Team Liquid came in the 30th minute. A team fight victory for 100 Thieves saw them take the nexus and move one game away from the title. This is a peculiar series, to say the least. For a 100 Thieves side that struggled so much yesterday against C9, they have been breathtaking thus far. Team Liquid has had no answers for them.

Game three: 100 Thieves becomes 5th LCS champion

From start to finish 100 Thieves has been incredible this series. Game three was up there as the very best. As with every game this series 100T were off to the races with another strong early game. Despite having his Veigo banned out, Closer showcased his deep champion pool with an MVP performance on Lee Sin.

100 Thieves rode their incredible momentum into the mid-game. Having accumulated a 3.5k gold lead by 15-minutes, there was only going to be one winner and that was 100 Thieves. It was the Closer show with the superstar jungler going a monstrous 5/0/2 by the 18th minute. 100 Thieves could see the finish line in sight. The end of the game and the series came in the 26th minute. A teamfight win for 100 Thieves would see them take down the nexus and lift their first LCS title.

100 Thieves, Team Liquid and Cloud9 will now represent North America at the 2021 League of Legends World Championship.

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