“Burn It All Down”, a new Worlds and a new song. We decided to pose the question of which is best Worlds song of all time to our staff. Here are our results!

Following the release of the track "Warriors" by Imagine Dragons for Worlds 2014, it has become League of Legends annual tradition for a song to accompany the finale of each season. Earlier today Riot Games released the track for the upcoming Worlds 2021 entitled "Burn it All Down". While the Twittersphere was keen to praise the animation, it seems like it was far from behind hands down the best song. So we decided to ask our staff to rate the eight LoL Worlds songs from best to worst, based purely on the song (not the animation). Here are our results!

Our panel of judges from the Esports.gg staff:

8th. Ignite (ft Zedd) - Worlds 2016

While Zedd's skin in VALORANT might be all the rage, his song for Worlds 2016 was particularly underwhelming. Rated in last place by 3 of our 5 panel, Ignite just wasn't on on the money, and the song would feel more at home in an early 2000s nightclub than at a Worlds Championships. Lyrics include: "Just like the blood running through your veins. Everyone's watching through your eyes". Hard pass from our panel.

7. Take Over (ft Jeremy McKinnon (A Day to Remember), Max, Henry)- Worlds 2020

"In a world that was drastically different from any that had come before it with COVID-19 drastically changing the landscape of esports, League of Legends needed something bombastic to remind fans that even though the world had changed, League of Legends was here to stay," said Esports.gg's Americas Editor Dustin Steiner. "Take Over was definitely that, and brought an in your face style that was significantly different from songs that were more relaxed than songs that had dominated the previous few years. It was a breath of fresh air, but some fans, including our staff, found it a little too out there."

6. Worlds Collide (ft Nicki Taylor) - Worlds 2015

"Worlds Collide was released as Riot were trying to figure out what they wanted to do with Worlds songs," said our LoL & VALORANT writer Germanicus. "While I understand the hesitation of some others, I personally really enjoy the song. Singer Nicki Taylor in particular takes the track to another level." While Germanicus put the song in 2nd place, it did not make the top 4 for any other panel member. Worlds Collide did not come with much of a video and remains the least viewed LoL Worlds song on YouTube.

5. Legends never Die (ft Against the Current) - Worlds 2017

Legends Never Die was the track for Worlds 2017 and focused on the relentless nature of the true heroes. Of the eight songs this was the most divisive with our panel, with the song being rated as high as 2nd and as low as 7th. The song was written by American pop rock band Against the Current, and also had a remix done by music producer Alan Walker.

"Legends never Die a classic League anthem. One of those songs that really encapsulates that feeling of wanting to climb, become more, and reach the top," said Caymus from Esports.gg's social media team. "Watching the video is definitely the best experience IMO as it brings out what you're feeling when you hear the song. 'I can do this, I will work to be the best. I will become a Legend'."

4. Burn it all Down (ft PVRIS) - Worlds 2021

"Burn it All Down is the newest world's song, and it definitely does not disappoint. The song's lyrics and visuals play into the narrative of younger players like Damwon Kia's Showmaker looking up to and aiming to burn down the legacies of the legends like T1's Faker that came before them," said our FGC writer Kaze. Burn It All Down is the anthem for the upcoming Worlds 2021, and takes 4th as a standalone song.

3. Phoenix (ft Cailin Russo and Chrissy Constanza) - Worlds 2019

"Going to burn down your demons and tear down the ceiling, Phoenix fly" was the chorus to the Worlds 2019 song Phoenix. The song featured Cailin Russo and Chrissy Constanza and has been watched over 100 million times since its release two years ago. The video for the song is a mix of live action and animation featuring professional players Caps, Faker and rookie. Riot Games said the song and the video were about "overcoming deep, personal fears that players have faced in moments of defeat". If we were factoring in video animation into our decision for the best LoL Worlds song, Phoenix would likely win.

2. Warriors by Imagine Dragons - Worlds 2014

"Warriors is the original Worlds song, and honestly, it's hard to fight with a classic. Add in the musical pedigree of Imagine Dragons (no I don't want to hear about how much you like or dislike them) as an arena rock band and you have an anthem that has stood the test of time," said Americas Editor Dustin Steiner. "So much so that Riot brought it back last year in a cover version to promote the 2020 season."

1. Rise (ft The Glitch Mob, Mako and the Word Alive) - Worlds 2018

It might be the 2nd most viewed LoL Worlds song on YouTube behind "Warriors" but Rise takes our number 1 spot. "The fact that none of Esports.gg's contributors to this ranking put Rise below 3rd is a testament to how well received it was," said our LoL & VALORANT writer Germanicus. "A hype track perfect for pumping you up for the big game, it's still played around streams and meetups for a very good reason - it's a fantastic tune, and by our standards, the best Worlds song ever."