DIG Fakegod: “I just really enjoy the team environment right now. That is the biggest help for me personally. It helps remind myself that at the end of the day, League is supposed to be fun.”

Sage Datuin

Sage Datuin

Dignitas top laner Fakegod is finding joy amidst the stress of the LCS lifestyle.

Dignitas enter the LCS Championships as the sixth seed as they look to best the third seeded Evil Geniuses. Entering their first series as the underdog, Dignitas have a tough battle up against a surging Evil Geniuses squad. After making changes to their jungle and mid, Dignitas tumbled in Summer after a surprisingly strong spring split showing. However, a bright spot for the Dignitas squad is their developing synergy. With nearly 5 weeks together in the LCS, Dignitas are looking more cohesive as a team. Furthermore, the team environment is "at an all time high" as DIG Fakegod states.

In this interview, we speak to DIG Fakegod to talk about their summer split performance and why this roster change makes the team much happier than before.

DIgnitas in the 2021 LCS Summer Split. Photo via espat.ai
DIgnitas in the 2021 LCS Summer Split. Photo via espat.ai

How has everything been?

DIG Fakegod: It is alright. Honestly, it is getting better now. If it is not getting better, it just feels bad sometimes.

I guess you did have that period where you were losing with DIgnitas.

DIG Fakegod: It was interesting. Going through all of those roster changes like Dardoch leaving. Right now, I feel like we are stabilizing. While our summer games are interesting, we are beginning to grow. 

What was the playoff race like just trying to hold onto sixth? Was there added stress?

DIG Fakegod: It isn’t too bad because we are not really worried if we got a better spot. The primary focus is set on having the right team setup and working together well. I remember back when the first roster swaps were happening, our score was even. The coaches told us to imagine we are starting with a fresh slate. It is a new season, so we just took that mentality towards improvement. Laughs It is funny, if you fast forward, we are pretty much just even at the end of 2021. I am just thinking to myself, we just stay the same. I guess we are pretty consistent. Laughs Not really a great things, but you know, at least we are there! Laughs

We talk about a score being even throughout the entire season, but with this new iteration how do you feel it is different working with Akaadian and Yusui?

DIG Fakegod: I would say the team atmosphere is a lot better than before. Our coach Mabrey also is no longer remote. In spring, he would help us remotely, but in summer, he is here to just lighten up the mood more now. He is a really friendly and funny person. Everyday is just too funny for me laughs Everything is just a lot better. Pause It just helps me a lot more mentally if I am being honest. I am adjusting to the differences in how we communicate and how we like to play. Those are some of the things we need to work through when we made the swaps first.

I think we are still working through all of that, but our progress is decent. I think for today, we hit a lot of good points that we had some concerns for. It is showing in our games and I feel really content.

Dignitas jungler Akaadian is stepping up as one of the leaders in this new iteration.
Dignitas jungler Akaadian is stepping up as one of the leaders in this new iteration.

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Would you say it is nice to be consistent?

Fakegod: laughs Oh yeah, we are very consistent. Laughs I am surprised. We are actually beating the top teams, but losing to teams below us which is really weird. We flipped from spring and are now breaking our top team curse. This is our moment to finally join them. Laughs

Maybe it is better you guys have a lower seed. Laughs

DIG Fakegod: Laughs Yeah. Laughs All those games we lost against teams lower than us were just on purpose. Same time, we wanted to beat the top teams, just to show them a glimpse of our potential. We only want to face top teams.

It seems like you are a lot more comfortable now being an LCS player. Would you say you are a lot more comfortable with this lifestyle now compared to back then?

DIG Fakegod: Yeah, for sure. For spring, it as six months and that was time to adjust. Back for summer, it is the same thing, but I already have that experience in spring.Nerves are no longer a problem for me anymore. I feel more comfortable around the coaches and players, well the botlane at least. Usually, I am a bit more introverted as a person, but my relationship is beginning to develop with the entire team now. I knew Akaadian and Ysuui from Academy, so it is an easier adjustment.

Everybody talks about Mabrey from this team. You talk about how he is this fun personality to have, but what does he offer to the team.

DIG Fakegod: Mabrey is draft king. He goes through a lot of scenarios. He is just really good. It is a really weird to explain this all, but he just thinks about the draft a lot. You can tell he really cares about the team a lot. Usually, after game, the team will just say, “draft was good, but we played terrible.” laughs Everytime, that is what we say, it is a fun joke within our team. Whenever he asks if we have any feedback for him, we just tell him, “Not for you Mabrey, draft is amazing as always!” laughs Even if we play really bad, we never blame him.

He is just really consistent about how he thinks about draft. Usually, we are really good at preparing for opposing teams and what they want to pick. We are consistent in preparation which I feel is why we are able to beat top teams. He makes it hard for us to ever blame a game on draft. Because of this, we front a lot of the blame onto ourselves which makes us better.

Sometimes, he messes up, but it is not because of the prep. It does not happen often. Aside from the game, he is just a really cool person. He is very funny person. Him being in-person is a really hidden help that is never talked about or mentioned.

Dignitas after a victory against TSM FTX in week 5. image via espat.ai
Dignitas after a victory against TSM FTX in week 5. image via espat.ai

How does Mabry help you specifically?

DIG Fakegod: I just really enjoy the team environment right now. That is the biggest help for me personally. It helps remind myself that at the end of the day, League is supposed to be fun. It is just a game.

Sometimes on stage laughs We just have the dumbest jokes as well. Laughs Sometimes we joke about what the refs think about us and our “consistency” laughs It is just all so dumb laugh but it makes me really happy and enjoy myself. I would be so scared if they ever did a mic check on our team comms. laughs 

Another aspect of Dignitas that people look at is your teamfighting. Who would you say is behind all of these teamfight calls and why are you guys always solid in that regard.

DIG Fakegod: We have a lot of psychopaths on our team. Usually, we are just ready to fight. It just happened that way. We just go for fights if someone challenges us. I think that is why we are good at teamfighting. We are not afraid to take fights if we see an angle. Aphromoo also calls his engages really well when he is on those champions. So does everyone else though. If we see a good angle, we just call for it and all go together at the same time. That is what helps our team fight a lot.

Consistent psychopaths.

DIG Fakegod: Oh, absolutely. Laughs We see a fight and just go in. We are all like that so it just all works out.

It is nice you are in a great environment. Moving forward, knowing you made all this progress, what is your goal moving forward?

DIG Fakegod: Our goal is to keep working on the problems we noticed from our final week in the LCS. We want to fix those and be ready for playoffs with those problems out of the way. We will then work on normal things like communication, laning phase and things that make us a team. Playoffs is really where everything matters. Regular season is just about being consistent and finding out what works for a team. Playoffs is where you get to really put all that work on the forefront and make a name for yourself.

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Photos courtesy of espat.ai.