Dignitas support Aphromoo is looking to secure their top 6 placement for the LCS Championships.

As the 2021 LCS Summer Split comes to an end, the season is still up in the air for Dignitas. While they themselves hold a spot in the playoffs, their seeding is unknown. If they have a great showing in week 9, they secure upper bracket seeding as the sixth seed. However, should they have a poor showing, they enter playoffs in the lower bracket as the 7th seed. Ultimately, Dignitas’ destiny is within their control and the final three games will determine where it takes them. In this interview, we briefly spoke to DIG Aphromoo to talk about Dignitas’ final three games of the LCS and what their primary goal is moving forward into playoffs.

Dignitas and Immortals are currently in a tight race for the sixth seed in the 2021 LCS Summer Split. Image via espat.ai

Congratulations on beating Flyquest, talk to me about that game. Where did the Kindred mid pick come from?

DIG Aphromoo: It was a really good game. Honestly, I am really happy with that performance because it was a clean game for us. It is really exciting to see everyone follow up on all of the calls and all are on the same page now. The Kindred pick in particular, is a good pick into Lucian. I believe Perkz played it before, but they lost from what I remember. Kindred is a good pick into Lucian if you can play it.

From what I can observe, it feels like this team gets along really well, how would you describe the team dynamic?

DIG Aphromoo: Oh yeah, I am really happy with this group of players right now. Everybody has their head forward towards improvement. They are all continuously learning. I know some of our younger players have some issues with making split second decisions in-game so it is really nice viewing their progress on this. As long as we keep a rinse and repeat process, we should continue to do well. I am pretty happy we have a clean game today because this is what we want to strive for. Hopefully we can continue to keep this up and secure top six in the playoffs.

Dignitas after a victory against TSM FTX in week 5. image via espat.ai

If it was not between 6th and 7th, would you feel like standings really matter in your eyes? Some players only care about making the playoffs, but what is your stance on seeding?

DIG Aphromoo: Oh, standings are definitely important. It is really important to be in the upper bracket. I especially want to be in the upper bracket. I do not want to be in the lower bracket whatsoever. It is really nice to have two chances at the LCS title. Just in case you do lose, you still have another lifeline to continue a run in the losers bracket.

Yeah, I think all of the teams are really close right now. It all depends on who is able to play on their strengths.

Aphromoo earlier in the 2021 LCS Summer Split. Image via espat.ai

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Who do you feel like is the top team right now after today?

DIG Aphromoo: To be honest, I have no clue anymore. Teams are losing left and right. Everyone is dropping games so it is really hard to say who is the best team in the league. I think the standings are very close right now, even if the records don’t show that. I do believe that teams will begin to show cleaner gameplay when they can hammer down on what makes them good again. It feels like many teams are trying new things in preparation for playoffs. We will see how it goes. As of right now, I cannot pick a team.

So what is the mindset moving forward into this final week?

DIG Aphromoo: First job for us is to make sure we are consistent in our gameplay. We have stomps when we do play well. We do this especially well against the top teams now. It is really funny because in spring, it is a complete 180 from then. For us, we just want to be more consistent and make sure we hammer down on the fundamentals.

Why do you feel like it is a different story this split?

DIG Aphromoo: Top teams are a lot more disciplined in taking advantages. You can play riskier with bottom teams because they do not punish you nearly as much as the top teams. That is something we struggled with back in the spring split. We were able to play aggressively, but we could not bounce back if we were punished heavily for it.

Final words before the end of the regular season?

DIG Aphromoo: Stay tuned guys! Consistency is on the way, so keep up the support. We are focused on the three games coming up this weekend.

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Photos courtesy of espat.ai.
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