Fans have been treated to some minor details in regards to Arcane season 2.

On November 6, 2021, fans were treated to the animated spectacle known as Arcane. A League of Legends animated series that follows some of the game's most popular characters. The story primarily follows two sisters, Powder (Jinx) and Vi and their struggles across the world of Runeterra.

A year later and fans are now eagerly awaiting the release of Arcane Season 2. While we must wait a little longer to see the likes of Vi and Powder on our screens again, Riot has not left Arcane fans in the dark. Recently, Rioters Christian Linke and Alex Yee hosted an Arcane AMA as part of the one-year anniversary of the show's release.

Arcane Season 2 described in one word, "war"

<em>Jinx's rocket colliding with the window in Arcane season 1</em>
Jinx's rocket colliding with the window in Arcane season 1

Season 1 of Arcane ended with the ultimate cliffhanger. The fate of the council is unknown as the final shot sees Jinx's rocket blast through the glass window. This rocket came as Jayce was meeting with the council on Piltover to go over his proposal for peace. This epic cliffhanger leaves the tension between Zaun and Piltover in the balance.

When asked to describe Arcane Season 2 in one word, Christian Linke said "war". This is a very powerful message for the fans of the show as this indicates carnage will erupt involving the show's main characters. It seems the show will further emphasise the "love and war" dynamic between Vi and Jinx and how Vi will interact with Jinx moving forward. The ending to season 1 was a 'point of no return' moment for Jinx and now her actions will have consequences.

Learning from Arcane Season 1

It is safe to say Season 1 of Arcane was worth the wait. The award-winning animated series took over six years to create according to Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent. Fortunately for the shows fans Arcane Season 2 will not take as long to make and could hit Netflix as early as 2023 although there is no confirmation on the official release date.

With the show reaching its one-year anniversary, the co-creators have had time to dive deeply into Season 1. Learning what they did well and possibly which mistakes they could learn from. Alex Yee explained in the AMA his thoughts on Season 1 and what he learned.

My strategy is more to try to learn and adapt as opposed to rue the missed opportunities. Luckily, I'd say a lot of what we saw in reactions to season 1 aligned well with what we were focused on in season 2, though we did adjust emphasis here and there when we felt like fans had a strong connection with certain beats.

Alex Yee, Arcane co-creator

"There will be magic" - Alex Yee

Image via Netflix
Image via Netflix

While the battle between the regions will certainly continue, Alex Yee in a short yet swift response confirmed "there will be magic." in Arcane Season 2. The use of Magic was an ongoing phenomenon in the first season with characters Jayce and Viktor pushing the realms of possibility and causing some trouble in the process.

It will be interesting to see which direction the developers will go in and how magic can play a big part in the future of the series. Could we see more flashback sequences in regard to Jayce's back story and how he was ultimately saved by a Wizard?

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