Arcane, the hit League of Legends animated series became one of the most watched shows on Netflix ever in it’s three-act first series. But will it get a sequel?

The League of Legends animated series Arcane took Netflix by storm in November, with fans now clamoring for a season two. The three-act season one released over a trio of weekends, and with its cliff-hanger ending, fans desperately want to know if we’re getting a sequel.

So will we get a continuation of the story to find out what happened to Jinx, Caitlyn, Vi, Jayce, Mel and the rest of the Arcane cast?

How did Arcane season one end?

Episode nine of Arcane, “The Monster You Created” left off on a huge cliffhanger. With Silco and Jayce brokering peace, as resolution between the two cities seemed close. But with Piltover’s council rejecting the decision, and Silco killed by Jinx, that peace was doomed.

To make matters worse, using a Hextech gemstone, Jinx finished episode nine by firing her Super Mega Death Rocket directly at Piltover’s capital. The move would seemingly kill Mel, Jayce, Viktor, and the council. However, that’s where Arcane chose to finish things up for its first season.

The cliffhanger leaves fans desperate for answers and on the edge of their seat for another season. And with plenty of questions. Will Viktor, Jayce and Mel survive? What happens to Jinx, Caitlyn, and Vi now? How will Heimerdinger and Ekko work together?

Will Arcane Get a Sequel?

Arcane Season 2 was officially announced on November 20th
Arcane Season 2 was officially announced on November 20th

Thanks to the official announcement made late on November 20th, we now know Arcane will get a sequel. 

After the show dethroned the immensely popular Squid Game from the top spot on Netflix, the platform would be mad to not want a sequel. And the Arcane: Epilogue event confirmed that
The show is perfectly set up for a sequel with its cliffhanger ending. And beyond that, so many stories in the show are left half-told. Arcane Season Two is set to be something

But for now, we wait. While the announcement has said that Arcane Season Two is in production, there is no release date yet. With Riot Games announcing updates to Project L, a new Hypixel collaboration, and more, the company has a lot on its plate. Expect Arcane Season Two to drop sometime in 2022.

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