100T FBI: “I think it [championship run] feels just the same like last year. And I think we’re just going to win it again.” cover image

100T FBI: “I think it [championship run] feels just the same like last year. And I think we’re just going to win it again.”

100Thieves botlaner, FBI, talks about the team’s 3-0 win over Cloud9 and gives us his predictions for the Team Liquid – Evil Geniuses match.

100Thieves won the first match of the LCS Spring 2022 playoffs, a dominant performance over Cloud9. The 3-0 victory was in front of a live, and a rather loud, audience as fans are back at the LCS Studios. Esports.gg's Piratechnics caught up with the team's botlaner, 100T FBI after their match.

Piratechnics: Congrats on the 3-0 sweep. Coming into this match, I know a lot of people were feeling pretty confident. Were you thinking it was going to be 3 and none?

Victor "FBI" Huang: I think Closer, especially, he just brings a lot of confidence to the team and he's always very positive and uplifting. He kind of raised my confidence too, so I believed we were going to 3-0 today.

Q: And you beat Cloud9 in the previous week So that certainly helps. Talk to me a little bit about the experience of having the fans in the studio.

100T FBI: Yeah, it was honestly amazing. Especially after the second game, when we made the comeback and I took off my headset, it was very deafening and it felt good for the fans to be back. I just had a lot of adrenaline and it was really fun.

Q: How did it affect your play across the game just knowing they were there and being able to see them looking over at your screen?

100T FBI: Honestly, during the game I wasn't really focused on that. I think I was pretty focused today onthe game but obviously after every game ends, then you hear the crowd, it's a really cool feeling.

Q: Certainly is! Now coming into today, the strategy seemed to be the same as last week– It was shutting down Summit. Were you surprised you were able to get away with it so consistently once again?

100T FBI: Kind of, yea. I thought they would have something prepared considering we did the same bans against Summit the last week of LCS. But yea, I think that top & jungle just played really well, absolutely demolished them. Especially in the first game, I was watching what's going on [up] top and it was brutal. 

Q: You were able to have an easier cruise in the first couple of games. But in Game 3, you pulled out the Lucian-Nami lane, a bit of a throwback. You want to talk to me about those picks in Game 3?

100T FBI: We kinda thought it would be fun and it was pretty fun. So that's why I pulled it out. 

Q: Well, you had a pop-off game! It seemed you were playing pretty confident against the Zeri, not really worried about Berserker. Or was it just a matter of you having a counter-strategy prepared?

100T FBI: Yeah, I think the Lucian-Nami matches up pretty well vs Zeri, I think it's pretty hard for them to do anything in the laning phase. So it was just a pretty good counterpick, I think we had prepared and it worked out.

Q: Now sometimes, I see a lot of people talking about 100Thieves, even though ya'll are the defending champions – Seems like teams sometimes disrespect you? They're like 'they might be champions, but they're not that good'. Do you feel like this changes things? Is this a statement to those other squads?

100T FBI: Personally, I don't really care. Because last year when we won the Championship, the exact same thing was happening. We were getting disrespected heavily. I think Team Liquid was the hyped up team at the time. So, I think it feels just the same like last year. And I think we're just going to win it again.

Q: I love to hear it. Speaking of Team Liquid, they are one of the possible opponents you will play next. They play tomorrow against Evil Geniuses. What's your prediction for that match?

100T FBI: I think the series is going to be very close, honestly. I think it's going to be 3-2 either way. But I would probably lean towards Team Liquid, just because they have veterans who are very experienced. [after a brief pause] I'll go 3-1 Team Liquid. The games will be close.

Q: Last question. I asked you last time and you were feeling a little bit down about your personal performance. Now that everyone seems to be popping off for 100Thieves, do you want to say anything to your fans after that series?

100T FBI: Yeah, I would like to say something to the fans. Thank you if you believed that I would return to form. I don't think I'm completely there. I think Huhi and me have been playing a lot better but there's still a lot of room to grow.

Inching closer to another <a href="https://liquipedia.net/leagueoflegends/LCS/2022/Spring" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">LCS Split victory</a>, 100Thieves will face the winner of Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses in the Winner's Finals.
Inching closer to another LCS Split victory, 100Thieves will face the winner of Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses in the Winner's Finals.

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