Immortals is on the rise as we conclude the mid-way mark of the LCS Spring Split 2022. We spoke to the team’s support player, Destiny on the team’s comms, their match against Flyquest and the story behind his shaved head.

The start of the LCS Spring Split 2022 saw Immortals off to a very poor start. The 0-2 start was disappointing for many fans, but the team has since bounced back and looks to be in excellent form as we head into Week 5.'s Pira spoke with Immortals Destiny after their dominant victory over Flyquest on Day 2 of the LCS Super Week.

Congratulations on your win. You are 2-0 so far for the week. Immortals have improved to 4-4 and you still have one more to play. How does it feel to at least be going even after the start of the Split looked a bit rough?

Destiny: We are definitely on a high right now. We had a really rough start but we're definitely progressing as a team and being able to identify our problems is a lot easier now. It feels very good to grab wins. 

I'm just glad that we are not at the bottom side of the table. It feels better to say that than to say we are winning. I think we still have room for improvement but we're in the right direction.

"We're definitely finding a style we are comfortable with and finding champions that we are very familiar with"

It seems like there is a lot of stuff to like in what Immortals is doing. I'm really glad that you pointed out that there's obviously room to improve because little mistakes, things go back and forth all the time. 

This particular game, it seems like there were some tense moments. I know you got caught and died at the Baron pit but your team still got that. Tell me a bit about that moment, about staying on task, staying on target when it would be so easy to back off and panic otherwise. 

Destiny: I'd say often I've made the mistake at Baron to get hooked. I think Xerxe made the call to stay on the Baron? It was actually a 50-50 flip, because if they checked the Nash it could have been stolen. But after we saw Jinx on the mid-wave, we were very certain that the Nash was ours and I think everyone was on the same page. 

So I think overall it was really good teamplay and I probably think when I'm dead I can shotcall more! (laughs) Cause I'm not in the game right? It was definitely a good call by Xerxe. He definitely carried the team

Xerxe definitely seemed  to be stepping up in the early stages of the game and I feel like what has been impressive by Immortals is all of you have been playing well together. And you see that coordination improving week after week. Has that been a focus in your scrims and your practice? 

Destiny: Our scrim results have also gone better since the beginning of the year. We're definitely finding a style which we are comfortable with and finding champions that we are very familiar with. How we play out our lanes, I'd say we definitely have a better understanding of the game right now in comparison to other teams. 

I think we're on the rise right now. I'd love to get a 3-0 week and we'll just keep persevering and getting better. 

So one big change is that Arrow comes up to the main roster for at least this game. As a support, having two different ADCs, what do you feel is the biggest challenge for you in trying to adapt to potentially different playstyles there.

Destiny: I'd say that Jason "WildTurtle" Tran and Noh "Arrow" Dong-hyeon actually do play quite similarly. The thing that they bring differently is actually the communication. I think Jason is a lot quieter but he also knows how to position well in teamfights, how to play out the lanes.

He knows the fundamentals, he's got it down. He has played the game for so long. I'd say that Arrow definitely brings more communication. He's been having really good showings in the Academy so we thought let's give him a shot in LCS and see what happens.

Destiny on shaving his head: "It's a visual representation that I care, I want to win."

So far so good; 1-0. Looking forward to potentially seeing more of him, but also keeping your opponents guessing with having WildTurtle in. I heard from Revenge in an earlier interview that you would come in one day to the practice room totally shaved and I quote  "something had to change". What's the story behind the 'Rage Shave'?

Destiny: I think when we were 0-4, I went home, I looked myself in the mirror and I was like, there's no way I'm coming last in LCS. I couldn't accept it, I was really disappointed in myself, disappointed in the team. Everything seemed to not go our way.

We had a really rough start, it was bad. So I decided to shave my head. Just a clean fresh start. Show that I really wanted to do better, It's a visual representation that I care, I want to win. And also I'm balding so it kind of helps. (laughs). I was like you know what if I've got to shave, why not do it now and see how it looks with the beard. I'm starting to like the look.

Obviously, you are someone that has a lot of passion for the game. You play very well and even when you make those mistakes you are the first person to say 'I can do this better'. Are you a very loud person in team comms?

Destiny: Yeah, I'd say right now I'm pretty loud. I try to give direction in what objective we should play for, what style we should play for. I think I definitely have a big voice in the team, but I think my teammates are also loud.

Today for example with Arrow coming in, there was a lot going on. It was definitely messy communication today. I think I bring a lot to the team, I hope that I can do better. 

I think the LCS supports this year aren’t that strong and I think I have an opportunity to show I am one of the best here. 

The Immortals squad is on the rise in the LCS Spring Split 2022.
The Immortals squad is on the rise in the LCS Spring Split 2022.

It did seem that even though you said comms could be a little messy in that game, a lot of the coordinated plays especially around split pushing and you guys rotating up in the mid lane seemed very clean and crisp for the most part. Was that something that you've all put a lot of work in to look that good or is it just things kind of worked out?

Destiny: I'd say it's a bit of both. Tristan (PowerOfEvil) is very adamant in what he wants and on what wave. So we were definitely listening to him when he needed help and attention to break phrases or to move for Herald.

I'd say it was a team effort. I think me and Arrow in the game knew to move to Herald to secure it. We all knew what the best play for the game was at that moment. 

"It's the LCS and I feel like any team can beat any other team on any given day": Destiny

You've got one more match tomorrow. It's going to be against Golden Guardians who have also been looking hot recently. How confident are you going into that match?

Destiny: I think GDS has definitely been a big surprise. They've shown big growth. They also beat Team Liquid yesterday.

I think they will be a difficult opponent, but it's the LCS and I feel like any team can beat any other team on any given day. So I'd like to get the 3-0. It's just another day in the office.

With the improvement coming, whether or not you win tomorrow, it's undeniable that Immortals are in the up and out. Do you want to say anything to your fans who have been waiting to see this form. 

Destiny: Of course, I'd like to apologize for the first weeks. But thank you for being there to the ones who have actually been supporting us.

I know a lot of us have long-term fans cause obviously most of us have been playing for a long time. I'm just really glad that we are showing the results now and hopefully we can keep going.

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