100T Closer: “We all know we are capable of winning [LCS] again, so this is our goal” cover image

100T Closer: “We all know we are capable of winning [LCS] again, so this is our goal”

The goal is to win again.

100Thieves had a perfect week 6, winning games against Golden Guardians as well as Flyquest. But things did not look so good in their Golden Guardians early game. The team's resilience and never-say-die attitude was crucial in their victory says 100T Closer. Esports.gg's Piratechnics spoke with 100T Closer right after their comeback win against Golden Guardians in the LCS Studios.

Q: That was a very back and forth game. How does it feel to get that result at the end of what was a roller coaster map?

100T Closer: We were not on our best form. Coming back from that, I think we had a really good practice this week. We thought we are back. But about this game, I think we had a really strong draft and gameplan on what we wanted to do. And after all the struggles we had past weeks, we were down 12k gold we came back this game. So I'm super happy that as a team we pulled it off. 

Q: Yeah, it seemed like those teamfights were really incredible. Do you want to talk me through some of the comms in those really chaotic moments where it felt like if either of your carries went down the game would really just end?

Closer: Yeah, every teamfight was basically on the edge. We could lose any time. But as a team we didn't give up at all. We always thought about what to do next. I think that helped us a lot, being really positive in the game and trying to win till the last moment.

Even though, after the early game, I think everyone thought the game was lost, but we just didn't give up and won the game. 

Q: It's important to keep a strong mental for sure. For yourself, it seemed like with the draft you guys had, you had a lot of pressure on you to get both of your carries to the late stages of the game. Did you feel a lot of pressure to try to keep the Milo "Pridestalkr" Wehnes from diving your teammates?

100T Closer: I think it was really hard to play the game - early, mid and late game. Like I said, I think they had a good plan. I don't want to reveal too much about that plan, but they prepared well for us at the end of the game. 

Q: Was it a surprise to see that dive composition with Nocturne and Kai'sa come in? 

100T Closer: I Was expecting a dive-comp. But their early game was also strong. Usually dive comps play for teamfights but the early game it was also hard to do anything. So it was basically what they wanted. 

QYou mentioned that in the previous weeks, you guys had some really tough games. And that can be a little draining. How do you reset the mental coming into this week. I spoke to FBI last time around, it sounded like there was good spirits in the team, but people were unhappy with their individual performance?

100T Closer: I think there was a lot of individual outperforming over these past few weeks. I think we are really good at learning from our losses. Even though when we wont he Championship last year, we learnt a lot through the playoffs, because we lost a lot of games. 

I think even though we lose we just don't give up. I think other teams would have a bad environment on the team. We are individually good enough, so we just have to be on form and I think we are getting there. 

Q: Do you think it helps that you are the on team in the LCS that kept the roster together to keep that synergy?

100T Closer: Yeah, it helps for sure. We all know each other, we don't be negative round each other. Everyone cares about everyone in the team. We all know we are capable of winning it again, so this is our goal.

Q: For you guys, after this win, do you feel extra confidence going against Flyquest tomorrow? You are very similar in the bracket?

100T Closer: Win or lose doesn't matter, I am always confident going in against anyone. I think tomorrow is going to be a good test for us, because we feel if we want to be champion again, we should win. Fly quest are good in the standings, but I don't think they are as good as they think. Especially the last game against them, we threw really hard, it was  a free win for us. Hopefully, we can close the game this time. 

Q: It was announced recently that there will be fans back at the LCS for the playoffs. Are you excited to have fans back and cheering for you?

Closer: It's been so long actually. When I came to LCS, I only saw the fans for two weeks and then COVID hit. So I couldn't even experience the whole thing. But I'm pretty sure it's going to be so good. I'm really happy that fans are back.

Q: Do you want to say anything to your fans, now that you guys are moving forward and building some momentum towards the end of this play?

Closer: Hopefully, you guys will be here to support us during the playoffs. Our only goal is to win again and we are working really hard. As I said, the last few weeks have been hard, but we didn't give up, So thanks for the support. 

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