Thijs, Twitch Rivals and Blizzard bring an incredible $40K Hearthstone event featuring Constructed and Battlegrounds live finals at TwitchCon

Thijs and Twitch Rivals take Hearthstone to TwitchCon with a special event with $40,000 prizes. The Thijs’ Hearthstone Tavern will feature the best Constructed and Battlegrounds players at TwitchCon on the Twitch Rivals stage on July 16th. Constructed qualifiers start tomorrow, so check out all the information in this article.

Thijs’ Hearthstone Tavern at TwitchCon

Thijs, one of Hearthstone’s most beloved streamers and competitors, is stepping up his game to bring back the IRL experience to TwitchCon. With two main events featuring Constructed and Battlegrounds, fans will be able to enjoy Hearthstone’s finest players once again in a premium third-party event.

Thijs announced that each competition would have $20,000 in prizes. Their finals will take place at his unique tavern at TwitchCon. Moreover, Thijs’ Hearthstone Tavern will offer a unique experience for those attending the event. Regardless if they are playing or not.

“It was a big project of me to get a IRL Hearthstone event back for the community, big thanks to Twitch & Blizzard for supporting me in a cool IRL Event”Thijs when announceing the event

Constructed & Battlegrounds Tournament Details

The Thijs’ Hearthstone Constructed event will have $20,000 in prizes, and despite featuring the finals at TwitchCon, its Qualifier will be online. Players wishing to participate will have to battle in the 20K Thijs Twitch Rivals at TwitchCon Qualifier for four spots on June 7. This Open Qualifier will be Bo3 with one ban and will be played on the EU server.

The top four players of the 20K Thijs Twitch Rivals at TwitchCon Qualifier will play in the main event against 28 invited pro-players on June 10-11. The Top 8 players will get to play the finals at Thijs’ TwitchCon Hearthstone Tavern, live in Amsterdam, with hotel and event tickets paid for by Twitch.

There is still little information about the Hearthstone Battlegrounds part of Thijs’ event. What we know is that, much like the constructed event, Battlegrounds finals will be played at Thijs’ Hearthstone TwitchCon Tavern as well. 24 of the world's best players will battle for the lion's share of $20,000.


  • Constructed TC Open Qualifier: June 7 (Online)
  • Constructed TC Main Event Qualifier: June 10-11th (Online) 
  • Battlegrounds TC Qualifier: June 17-18th (Online)
  • July 16th: Constructed and Battlegrounds finals at Thijs’ Hearthstone Tavern at TwtichCon Amsterdam
TwitchCon 2022
TwitchCon 2022

What’s next?

We are still waiting to know what Hearthstone pro-players and streamers will be invited to Thijs’ TwtichCon event. The constructed event will have 28 invited players, with 4 spots reserved for players coming from the Open Qualifier. The Battlegrounds event, however, will feature 24 invited players.

Stay tuned to for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time in the Tavern

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