How to watch Voyage to the Sunken City Masters Tour and get Drops? The next $250K HS Esports event is upon us cover image

How to watch Voyage to the Sunken City Masters Tour and get Drops? The next $250K HS Esports event is upon us

Learn how to get Drops while watching Sunken City Masters Tour starting this Friday. All the info about this $250K event is here!

The third Masters Tour event will take place in Sunken City and will once again have Drops enabled. This Friday, the top 400 players from all over the world will compete for $250,000 in prizes. On top of that, Seasonal Championship spots are also on the line. Learn everything about Voyage to the Sunken City Masters Tour and how to get free packs while watching in this article.

Sunken City Masters Tour

The Voyage to the Sunken City Masters Tour will close the first half of the 2022 competitive year for Hearthstone Esports. Like the previous events, this MT will have $250,000 in prizes and tickets to Masters Tour Vashj'ir, the fourth major Hearthstone event for 2022. As always, Masters Tour Sunken City viewers will be able to earn free packs with YouTube drops while watching.

This will be the last chance for players to qualify for the Seasonal Summer Championship or Grand Masters: Last Call. The three MT champions and the 13 players with the most wins in Masters Tours in 2022 will qualify for the upcoming Summer Seasonal Championship taking place on June 3-5. This Seasonal event will grant $50,000 and 4 World Championship invites.

The Road to the World Championship
The Road to the World Championship

Last but not least, the top 4 point earners of the last 6 events, including Masters Tour Sunken City, will get an invite to the final season of Grandmasters: Last Call. This event will definitely be something Colossal.

How to get free packs watching Sunken City Masters Tour

If you a Hearthstone Esports fan you probably know the drill, but just in case, here are the important things to know to get drops during Sunken City MT. You can get 2 free Hearthstone Packs for watching 4 hours of Sunken City MT. The watch time is cumulative throughout the weekend, so don’t worry if you can’t do it in one sitting.

All the official Sunken City YouTube broadcasts count towards your free-pack progression. However, only one at a time will count towards your drops. The official YouTube channels are:

Don’t forget to Connect your Accounts!

To receive Hearthstone Drops during Masters Tour Sunken City, you will need to link your Blizzard account with YouTube. You can do this in simple steps:

  • Log in to your YouTube account.
  • Go to Account Settings.
  • Click on “Connect” next to Don’t forget to be logged into your Blizzard account on which you’d like to claim your Hearthstone packs.
  • After successfully connecting your accounts, you will be able to see a Diamond by the “Like” button below the video.
  • Check full terms and conditions here.

Masters Tour Sunken City Details

The third Masters Tour event of 2022 will follow the same format as its predecessors. With two stages of competition divided into three days. The first stage starting on Friday will be an 8-Rounds Swiss bracket, in which players will give their best to get the top 16 spots that advance to the final day of competition.

Sunken City Masters Tour
Sunken City Masters Tour

The best 16 players will battle in a single-elimination bracket on Sunday until Hearthstone finds one player that rules them all! The event will have live coverage during the whole weekend. However, differently to what happens in Battlegrounds: Lobby Legends, players aren’t allowed to stream their point of view.

  • Dates: Friday, April 29 – Sunday, May 1, 2022 (One day before for PDT)
    • Friday: Swiss Rounds 1-4
    • Saturday: Swiss Rounds 5-8
    • Sunday: Round of 16, Top 8, Semifinals, & Finals
  • Broadcast Start Time: 11:00 p.m. PDT  / 8:00 a.m. CEST / 3:00 p.m. KST
  • Prize Pool: $250,000 (USD)
  • Format: 4-deck, best-of-5 Conquest with a ban

That is all for now, stay tuned to for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time in Sunken City.