Hearthstone Grandmasters Playoffs are upon us with more Drops. Watch who gets to go to the World Championship and win packs! cover image

Hearthstone Grandmasters Playoffs are upon us with more Drops. Watch who gets to go to the World Championship and win packs!

Hearthstone Grandmasters ends this weekend with the Playoffs. Who will go to the World Championship? Find out while you get some free packs!

This weekend Hearthstone Grandmasters will see the final week of its first season when the Playoffs kick in. The best 8 players from each Grandmasters region will have the chance to fight for a World Championship spot in the Seasonal Playoffs. Who is playing, where to watch, and how to get those free packs in form of Drops in this article.

Hearthstone Grandmasters Playoffs players
Hearthstone Grandmasters Playoffs players

Hearthstone Grandmasters Playoffs

After the three weeks of the regular season, the surviving Grandmasters have one more fight, win playoffs to get the Hearthstone World Championship spot. The 8 players with the most wins in each region will compete this weekend, and the winner will take it all.Che0nsu, Furyhunter, and Fled might have won the regular Grandmasters stage, but they will still need to give everything they’ve got during playoffs since the stakes are higher than ever.

The current Hearthstone World Champion Posesi will be present in Grandmasters Playoffs, and with him, the hope to see a back-to-back champion for the first time. In the European region, there is a mix of veterans and newcomers ready to prove what are they made of. In the Americas region, Nalguidan will try to make his way into Worlds once again, while many youngbloods will try to deny it (not looking at you Monsanto or Frozen).

Drops renew with Hearthstone Grandmasters Playoffs

If you a Hearthstone Esports fan you probably know how it works, but just in case, here are the important things to know to get drops during Grandmasters Playoffs. You can get 2 free Hearthstone Packs for watching 4 hours of broadcast. The watch time is cumulative throughout the weekend, so don’t worry if you can’t do it in one sitting.

All the official Hearthstone Grandmasters YouTube broadcasts count towards your free-pack progression during playoffs. However, only one at a time will count towards your drops. The official YouTube channels are:

Don’t forget to Connect your Accounts!

To receive Hearthstone Drops during Grandmasters Playoffs, you will need to link your Blizzard Battle.net account with YouTube. You can do this in simple steps:

  • Log in to your YouTube account.
  • Go to Account Settings.
  • Click on “Connect” next to Battle.net. Don’t forget to be logged into your Blizzard account on which you’d like to claim your Hearthstone packs.
  • After successfully connecting your accounts, you will be able to see a Diamond by the “Like” button below the video.

Check full terms and conditions here.

Competition format

Hearthstone Grandmasters Playoffs will be played under Best of Five Conquest format. Players within each region will be seeded into two Dual Elimination groups. However, there is a catch, the first and second players of each region will start with a win, while the bottom two players get a loss and will have no more room for error.

Example of Dual Tournament Format.
Example of Dual Tournament Format.

After this first group stage, the 4 players that advance from each region will compete between them in a single-elimination bracket. You can check the Playoffs brackets for the three regions on Hearthstone Grandmasters' website.

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