JrsLoveStorm won Hearthstone Masters Tour Onyxia’s Lair with Miracle Priest, Brute Demon Hunter and Kazakusan Druid. This is his journey to the top.

After three days of intense matches on the live broadcast, JrsLoveStorm became the Hearthstone Masters Tour Onyxia’s Lair champion! He received the lion’s share of the $250,000 prize pool. 

JrsLoveStorm also celebrated and cheered for the world to see when he took the crown, making it an intense conclusion to an intense tournament of Hearthstone matches. 

JrsLoveStorm celebrates becoming the Masters Tour Onyixa’s Lair champion. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

The decks that JrsLoveStorm used during the finals were Miracle Priest, Brute Demon Hunter and Kazakusan Druid. These decks helped him achieve a score of 3-1 against Judgement. 

Below are the codes for these decks:

  • Miracle Priest: AAECAZ/HAgKg9wO1igQOk7oDlroDp8sD3swD4t4D+98DyuEDmOsDmesDh/cDrYoEhKMEiaMEiqMEAA==
  • Brute Demon Hunter: AAECAc7WAwiVzQPZ3gP39gOL9wOw+QPK+QPQ+QOmlQQL1tEDzNIDzdIDztID+dUD8+MD/e0D9fYDivcDs6AEtKAEAA==
  • Kazakusan Druid: AAECAZICBuW6A9HhA6T2A4mLBImfBISwBAzougObzgPw1AOJ4AOK4AOi4QOP5AOvgASunwS4oASwpQTPrAQA

JrsLoveStorm’s journey to the top

Before JrsLoveStorm duked it out against Judgement in the finals, he climbed his way to the top by dueling players such as Maxxe in the swiss rounds phase and Youth in the quarterfinals. JrsLoveStorm then claimed another victory in the semifinals against JPmixter.

Hearthstone Masters Tour Onyxia’s Lair was played under the conquest format, which meant competitors brought four decks and four unique classes into battle. During Blizzard’s live broadcast, players dueled in best-of-five matches in eight rounds of swiss. This was followed by the top 16 single-elimination playoffs, the quarterfinals and semifinals before the finals. 

Hearthstone Masters Tour Onyxia’s Lair format. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

In the Hearthstone Masters Tour Onyxia’s Lair finals, JrsLoveStorm started the match off with Kazakusan Druid versus Judgement’s Miracle Priest. During the late game, JrsLoveStorm went into fatigue while his opponent only had three cards left in his deck. 

Thanks to Resizing Pouch, JrsLoveStorm had Yogg-Saron, Master of Fate in his hand. When he played the Old God, the wheel landed on Hand of Fate and granted him with a hand of random spells that cost zero. JrsLoveStorm took advantage of this by creating a strong board. Judgement soon bowed out of the first game. 

JrsLoveStorm gets a hand of random spells. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

In the next game, JrsLoveStorm earned another point by defeating Judgement’s Mozaki Mage with the Brute Demon Hunter deck. However, Judgement prevented a clean sweep in the third game by playing Mozaki Mage against JrsLoveStorm’s Miracle Priest. 

When it came down to the fourth game, it was JrsLoveStorm’s Miracle Priest versus Fel Demon Hunter. Judgement completed the first phrase of the Final Showdown quest on turn three, which was followed by another quest completion on turn four. JrsLoveStorm buffed a minion using the discounted spells in his hand, but Judgement swiftly took it down. 

JrsLoveStorm’s Miracle Priest deck. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

Despite this, JrsLoveStorm persisted by creating a board and buffing a minion that survived his opponent’s clears. This soon led him to another win, making him the Hearthstone Masters Tour Onyxia’s Lair champion! 

With the conclusion of the tournament, viewers can look forward to the first season of Hearthstone Grandmasters 2022 next weekend, according to caster Neil “Lorinda” Bond. 

As for fans who watched the Hearthstone Masters Tour Onyxia’s Lair action on YouTube for at least four hours, they can look forward to receiving their two Fractured in Alterac Valley card packs.

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