Our compilation for the best decks to play in Hearthstone’s latest expansion – Fractured in Alterac Valley.

Battle-hardened & thirsting glory, Alliance & Horde players from across Azeroth will once again clash in epic battle, fighting for dominance in the frozen plains of Alterac Valley. But, what decks will they be wielding in Fractured in Alterac Valley?

Fear not brave soldier! we've got you covered with the best ones for day 1 of the expansion! Fractured in Alterac Valley, out in just a couple of hours, is Hearthstone's last expansion for the Year of the Gryphon, & as such it promises to shake the meta up with a bang.

In this article we present to you some of the best decks from some of the finest content creators, competitive players & deck-builders the Hearthstone community has to offer (1 for each class).

So enjoy opening your packs - we'll meet you right back here to help you make the best of them. Also if you want to know about Rewards Tracks for Fracture in Alterac Valley we got you covered.

Token Demon Hunter

Creator: SuperiorDavid

Bringing back an archetype long-alluded to but never quite realized, this demon hunter build packs an early-game jab backed up by late-game punches from the new Fractured in Alterac Valley hero card: Kurtrus, Demon-Render.

Dust Cost: 4400

Deck Code:

Aggro-Beast Druid

Creator: Old Guardian

Augmented by some very powerful new beasty inclusions, this familiar druid archetype just got that much more stronger & consistent.
Frostsaber Matriarchs are the stars of the deck.

Dust Cost: 5400

Deck Code:

Secret Hunter

Creator: Sidisi

Hunter expert Sidisi takes the efficient new secret-synergy cards & combines them with high-tempo minions in this incredibly disruptive & explosive build.

Dust Cost: 7440

Deck Code:

Tempo Mage

Creator: Nohandsgamer

While most players went with the BIG-Spell route, this GM's early-game take on mage is both cheap to craft & straightforward to play. Looks to be THE mage list to beat.

Dust Cost: 3400

Deck Code:

BIG Paladin

Creator: ClarkHELLSCREAM

Content creator ClarkHELLSCREAM is no stranger to quirky, grindy & overlooked ways of playing Hearthstone. It would seem like Fractured in Alterac Valley inspired him to make this delicious lemonade out of some very BIG lemons - we'd buy it.

Dust Cost: 7660

Deck Code:

Ressurect Priest

Creator: Avelline

Streamer & top-legend-player Avelline improved upon existing control priest builds to create this absolute powerhouse late-game monster.
With both N'zoth & the new Fractured in Alterac Valley hero card of Xyrella, how can this deck lose past turn 7?

Dust Cost: 8520

Deck Code:

Thief-Deathrattle Rogue

Creator: J Alexander

Rogue sensei Jesse Alexander mashes up burgle & deathrattle synergies in this surprisingly high tempo build. Counterfeit Blade, Sketchy Information & Infiltrator Lilian are some rarely seen cards that make a comeback in this list - count us fascinated!

Dust Cost: 9560

Deck Code:

Freeze Shaman

Creator: Nohandsgamer

Another intriguing deck from one of the best deck-builders in the industry. This relatively low curve-high tempo list makes tall & wide boards that are difficult to deal with, eventually finishing opponents off with sheer stats or Battlegrounds Battlemaster.

Dust Cost: 8520

Deck Code:

OwlTK Warlock

Creator: Feno

This creative build by streamer & previous GM Feno is a powerful mish-mash of removal spells & draw. It eventually harnesses Humongous Owl's deathrattle effect through Tamsin's Phylactery for incredible amounts of damage. World title contender Gaby certified.

Dust Cost: 8520

Deck Code:

Control-OTK Warrior

Creator: WarShack

Streamer/Youtuber Warshack commits to the full OTK in this very heavily packed build of control warrior. The primary objective? Survive! Once you do trust in Captain Galvangar (aided by To the Front! & friends) to do the rest.

Dust Cost: 13800

Deck Code:

We hope you enjoyed our highlighted decks & that they help you smash during the 1st few days of Fractured in Alterac Valley! Remember champions, these are only SOME of the most promising we’ve found thus far, the meta will heavily shift in the coming days. So go out there, kick some ass & don't throw all your dust away too early!

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