Hearthstone Fall of Ulduar Miniset card reveal schedule cover image

Hearthstone Fall of Ulduar Miniset card reveal schedule

The Fall of Ulduar Hearthstone miniset is upon us, but when are the Card Reveals happening? Check out this article for all the info!

It's Card Reveal season once again in Hearthstone, and while Anomalies might be in the spotlight right now, the Fall of Ulduar miniset also brings 38 new cards. The reveals started today and will go on until the Fall of Ulduar miniset launch on September 19, Let go over when the new cards will see the light.

Hearthstone Fall of Ulduar Miniset

Hearthstone has already introduced the main topic of the Fall of Ulduar Miniset, the Anomalies, but there are many Card Reveals still ahead of us. Like in every announcement, Hearthstone has already revealed some Miniset cards.

In the Fall of Ulduar blog post, we discovered four cards, including one Legendaries and three Anomalies. Cho'gall might be the most crazy card.

Hearthstone Miniset Card Reveal schedule

The rest of the Fall of Ulduar Miniset Hearthstone cards will be revealed starting today, September 12. Hearthstone has put up a schedule including the time and place where each card reveals will happen.

As always, some card reveals will happen on Hearthstone's official channels, while others might be in the hands of the community and media. It is likely that some of these reveals will contain a set of cards and not just one. This helps creators have a better context to analyze and provides a better experience to the players in general.

You can find the Fall of Ulduar Miniset Card Reveal schedule on Hearthstone's card library, but we have also prepared a table with all the relevant information.

Cho'gall and Hunter cards
September 12, 10am PDT
Warlock cards
September 12, 12pm PDT
Demon Hunter cards
September 13, 5am PDT
Shaman cards
September 13, 12pm PDT
Warrior cards
September 14, 3am PDT
Rouge cards
September 14, 12pm PDT
Druid cards
September 15, 10am PDT
Neutral cards
September 15, 12pm PDT
Paladin cards
September 16, 10am PDT
Mage cards
September 16, 2pm PDT
Death Knight cards
September 17, 10am PDT
Priest cards
September 17, 12pm PDT
Hearthstone miniset card reveal schedule

Fall of Ulduar & Anomalies

Yogg-Saron's corruption knows no limits, and Anomalies have escaped Bob's Tavern. The latest Hearthstone Miniset, Fall of Ulduar, is introducing Anomalies to Standard, Wild, Tiwst and Arena. Hearthstone only showed three Anomalies so far with the initial card reveals, but fear for yourselves, since more are coming in the 27.4 patch notes.

These special game-altering rules will alter every game as soon as the miniset launches. After the initial week, the appearance rate will drop to only 25% of the games until the next expansion.

While the boosted appearance celebrating the Fall of Ulduar Miniset will end when the third Hearthstone expansion arrives, Anomalies and corruption will resist. The recently revealed legendary card from the Fall of Ulduar Hearthstone Miniset will make them survive time. At least 25% of the time.

Fun fact, during the initial period, it could happen that two different Anomalies corrupt the same game. This could happen if Cho'Gall's effect triggers on top of the Fall of Ulduar's corrupting aura.

Yogg has escaped his prison, it's time to Give in to your fear since he is destiny, and his faithful servant Cho'Gall is here to make sure his will prevails. Follow the upcoming Hearthstone card reveals to discover your fate.

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more Hearthstone news and guides. Be sure to visit esports.gg for all the latest esports news. See you next time in Tavern.