Yogg-Saron’s corruption is spreading, but when exactly will Hearthstoner release the Fall of Ulduar miniset ?

Chaos is about to reign, the Hearthstone Fall of Ulduar Miniset releases in a few days. Another Titan is joining, or it is an Old God? If you want to be present for Yogg's return, we've got your back.

Below you can find a Hearthstone miniset release countdown so you are 100% sure you don't miss the Fall of Ulduar. Moreover, we've added a time zone converter, so you don't need to do any math (we know our Hearthstone players)!

Hearthstone Fall of Ulduar miniset release time

Hearthstone confirmed days ago that the Fall of Ulduar miniset will go live on September 19, but at what time? Official Blizzard patch time is 10 a.m. PDT -aka Blizzard o'clock-, but what time is that for those who don't live on the US West Coast? We present you the Hearthstone miniset release countdown:

Fall of Ulduar Miniset

If you are wondering what is 10 a.m. PDT in your local time so you can set up an alarm and not miss when the next Hearthstone miniset goes live, you can check out this time zone converter.

Remember that you will need to update your Hearthstone client for the miniset releases. This might take some extra time for mobile users due to App Store approval processes.

Fall of Ulduar Miniset: cards and mechanics

This Hearthstone miniset promises to change the game in a way we haven't seen before. While the set contains 38 unique cards, the spotlight is definetively around the new Anomalies that will be corrupting the Tavern.

Once it releases, you can get the Fall of Ulduar miniset cards from Hearthstone Titans expansion packs or you can buy the whole bundle for $14.99 or 2,000 Gold. You can also get the the all-Golden version for $69.99 or 10,000, you will find it on a tab on the left, the difference is purely cosmetic.

While you wait on the Fall of Ulduar miniset to release and for Yogg to take the wheel, we encourage you to visit our Hearthstone section where you will find all the information you need. This includes how Yogg-Saron Titan minion works and how Anomalies will affect the game.

Feel free to explore our Hearthstone news and guides section for more related info. Before chaos and corruption take over, be sure to visit esports.gg for all the latest esports news. See you next time in the Tavern.