Corruption is spreading. Yogg-Saron’s tentacles will seed chaos in Hearthstone with 20 new Anomalies. Check all the details in this article.

Starting tomorrow September 19, Anomalies will no longer be a Hearthstone Battlegrounds exclusive thing. Yogg-Saron can't be imprisoned forever and during the Fall of Ulduar Hearthstone miniset, his faithful servant Cho'Gall will unleash Anomalies on Standard, Wild, Twist and Arena, too!

Let's go over how Anomalies work and the full list of 20 that will be corrupting Hearthstone once the 27.4 patch launches.

Hearthstone Miniset Anomalies - Fall of Ulduar
Hearthstone Miniset Anomalies - Fall of Ulduar

How Hearthstone Anomalies Work

The new Hearthstone Anomalies coming with the Fall of Ulduar miniset in the 27.4 patch are similar but not exactly the same as the Battlegrounds version.

"Cho’gall “corrupts” the game with a random Anomaly. The Anomaly effect is revealed prior to your mulligan and activates after the mulligan, but before the first turn is taken."

From Fall of Ulduar announcement

During the first week starting on September 19, every Standard, Wild, Twist and Arena Hearthstone game will be corrupted by Anomalies. After this initial week and until the next expansion patch, the chance of them appearing will go down to only 25% each game.

Adding Cho'gall to your deck can increase the chance of getting Hearthstone Anomalies, and even make the corruption out of control with two different Anomalies affecting the same game. Yes, Cho'Gall's Start of Game effect stacks to the general condition.

  • September 19-26: Every Standard, Wild, Twist and Arena will have Anomalies.
  • From September 26 until the 28.0 patch: 25% of Hearthstone games will have Anomalies.
  • After patch 28.0 Anomalies will only appear via Cho'Gall's effect

After the 28.0 Hearthstone patch, anomalies will only appear via Cho'Gall. While Yogg's servant only gives you a 25% chance of Anomalies corrupting a game, if both players have Cho'Gall in their deck, the effect will be active 100% of the time. The same way it happens with Nozdormu.

Every Hearthstone Anomaly

The 27.4 Hearthstone patch revealed the list of 20 anomalies. Now is the time to see how far Yogg's corruption can go. In the table below you can find the list of Hearthstone Anomalies and their effect. Furthermore, if you wanna check out how they look, we have the 20 Anomalies images in the gallery beneath the table.

Twist RealityAfter a player plays a card this game, shuffle a copy into their deck.
Approaching NightmareBoth players start with Yogg-Saron, Hope's End in their hand.
Opportunity KnocksThe first card drawn on a player's turn is one they can afford to play.
Shifting FateBoth players start with Gear Shift in their hand.
Light in the DarkBoth player's Hero Powers cost (1) less.
Gift of GluttonyBoth players start with two more drawn cards.
Shifting FuturesBoth players start with 2 copies of Shifter Zerus in their hand.
Control the MakersBoth heroes have +1 Attack on their turns.
Severed SoulsBoth heroes start with +5 Health.
Surging InspirationBoth players start with upgraded Hero Powers.
Driven to GreedWhenever a player ends their turn with unspent Mana, they get a Coin.
Driven to ExcessWhenever a player ends their turn with unspent Mana, they draw a card.
Uncontrollable GrowthBoth players start with an extra Mana Crystal.
Seeing DoubleBoth players start with 2 cards copied from the other player's hand.
Unimaginable HorrorsBoth players Discover a new basic Hero Power on their first turn.
FortificationsAt the end of each player's turns, give a random one of their minions +1 Health.
Fast TrackReduce the Cost of all cards in both player's starting hands by (1).
Your Eyes Betray YouBoth players' cards are Golden.
Army of the CorruptedThe first minion played on each player's turn costs (1) less.
Spread of CorruptionThe first spell cast on each player's turns costs (1) less.

Here's a gallery with all the new Hearthstone anomalies and if you are not sure about the cards they refer to, they are added below too.

image 1
image 2
image 3
image 4
image 5
image 6
image 7
image 8
image 9
image 10
image 11
image 12
image 13
image 14
image 15
image 16
image 17
image 18
image 19
image 20

These are the Hearthstone cards that the Anomalies refer to, just so you have full information on what's going to happen if they appear in your game.

image 1
image 2
image 3

Are Battlegrounds Anomalies and Constructed Anomalies the same?

Cora, Hearthstone Senior Game Designer was quick to acknowledge that this might cause some confusion given that the two kinds of Anomalies have an important difference.

While many in the community are hesitant about Anomalies entering constructed Hearthstone, the team has ensured that they have the mechanisms to balance things out if they go too much out of control. The idea behind Anomalies is to spice things up, not to completely change the game like it happens in Battlegrounds.

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