Hearthstone Esports’ revealed on Twitter the Summer Championship dates and players are not excited about them. What happened?

Blizzard announced the dates for the third major Hearthstone Esports seasonal tournament for 2023, the Fall Championship. This has been a rough year for Hearthstone esports fans and players, and the trend continues with yet another controversy.

"Really wish I could go back 9 months in time and tell myself what a stupid fucking idea it was to try and Qualify for the Hearthstone World Championships this year."

Meati after the HS Esports Fall Championship announcement

Hearthstone Esports tweeted yesterday the Fall Championship dates for their Constructed and Battlegrounds $50,000 events. While the notice came more than a month in advance, it still created friction due to an unannounced calendar modification.

"Getting 0 communication from HS esports has been standard this year but being lied to about the date of an event was a little unexpected"

McBanterFace's response to the shcedule changes

The qualification period is still open, but some constructed players are feeling regret about their commitment to qualify. Let's go over the details.

Players complaints about Hearthstone Esports' dates

Soon after the Hearthstone Esports account made the announcement many pro players started complaining about the schedule change. The 2023 Hearthstone Esports announcement in January gave a calendar with qualifying periods and rough tournament dates.

The Masters Tour Fall Championship was supposed to happen in November. However, plans changed and some players feel that this lack of communication is hurting them and the system in general.

This is not the first time something similar has happened. The lack of promotion competitive events suffered during the year has been a point of discussion in the community every time a tournament approaches.

Unfortunately, we haven't yet heard any response on Blizzard's side. The only reason behind this change is merely speculation. RegisKillbin related the change to the Blizzcon event.

With Blizzcon happening on November 3, we could expect Hearthstone to announce new content there. Something that would make sense after seeing how we are seeing some updates coming a week or two earlier than they should. Maybe this generated a domino effect in which the Hearthstone Esports Fall Championship suffered the side effects.

While we wait to see if there's an official response, let's go over the details of the upcoming Hearthstone Esports events.

Fall Championships

The Hearthstone Esports year consists of six Seasonal events -Spring, Summer, and Fall- and a World Championship. Each season features a Constructed and a Battlegrounds Lobby Legends event, each with $50,000 in prizes, and the first one awards a World Championship spot.

So far, these are the Fall Seasonal championship dates for Constructed and Battlegrounds.

  • Lobby Legends Fall Championship: October 14-15
  • Masters Tour Fall Championship: October 28-29
Hearthstone Esports Fall Championship date - via Blizzard<br><a href="https://esports.gg/news/hearthstone/odemian-wins-the-solary-hearthstone-lan-event/"></a>
Hearthstone Esports Fall Championship date - via Blizzard

The qualification period for those events is not over yet. Hearthstone Esports' Summer Season qualification ends with the September season. So players are still fighting for their spots.

16 players will make it to it the Hearthstone Esports Summer Championships and the way in is the same for Constructed and Battlegrounds.

The top 4 point earners for the current season for each server will get an invite to the event. On top of that, the Top 4 point earners worldwide who aren't already qualified will also be part of the event.

Hearthstone Esports points - Image via Blizzard
Hearthstone Esports points - Image via Blizzard

2023 started with a 70% budget cut for Hearthstone esports and things don't seem to get better. While viewership numbers are decent after returning to Twitch, it seems that the esports scene is down the line in the list of Blizzard's priorities.

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